Friday, 31 January 2014

Monday, 27 January 2014

Preferred Enemy Bat Reps

Just back from Preferred Enemy in Stirling. About 24 of us turned up for a 7 game 1,650pt tourni. It was the first big test for my revised bike army using the new codex.

The list I took was in the last post

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Preferred Enemy Take 2

Thanks to Sam for pointing out the error in my last list (need to make Khan the Warlord to give the bikes Scout). It has made me think again about whether he’s worth it. I’ve hummed and hawed (good Scottish expression!), and I’ve decided not to. I want to see if the list works without Scout.

There are a number of reasons – I want to see if my theory hammer on how to play Stalkers works, and that depends on Iron Hands being the Primary. Also, I like having the Inquisitor as my Warlord, allowing me to “throw away” the Chapter Masters. Finally, Khan is pretty pathetic for everything else, other than scout.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Bikes for Preferred Enemy

I’m off to a 1,650pt tournament next weekend. I’m bored with Tau (gasp!), so I’m taking my bikes.

I took them to a team tourney a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed playing them. Very different from Tau. Boiling it down to its most fundamental – with Tau you win the game in the shooting phase, with the bikes I think you win the game in the movement phase. Makes for a very different play style.

At the team tournament my list was basically Khan, a Chapter Master, 3 full bike squads, 2 Scout Squads  in Land Speeder Storms, and a couple of Thunder Fire Cannons. I went 3-0-0, but due to the “match up” mechanic, I was able to avoid some horribly bad match ups (Demon FMC spam and Dark Eldar venom spam!). I played mech elder (4 Serpents, 3 Fire Prisms and 2 Crimson Hunters), Orks (I think 4 battle wagons), and Tau (Farsight with double Riptides some Broadsides and a bunch of suits). 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Back from a Year Off.


I think it’s been about a year since I posted on this blog. Don’t worry I am still alive but it has been a busy year.

I’ve worked in Cardiff for most of last year, got a new job at a consultancy in Newcastle and bought a house. Unfortunately neither of those things has left a lot of time for blogging.

I also decided to give up 40k in the early part of 2013. A combination of 6th edition rules and rising prices really turned me off the game. I’ve been on quite the gaming odyssey over the past 12 months, in my quest for something new to try I’ve dabbled in:

Magic the Gathering
X Wing
Dropzone Commander                    

Dropzone Commander has been something of a whirlwind at my local club. Two of us took a gamble on the two player starter set and it turns out the game is pretty damn good. In just over a month we now have around 10-15 people looking to play regularly.

Dropzone hasn’t been my main focus however. I’ve spent most of my time playing Malifaux. I’ve really fell in love with that game. It’s got great models and great mechanics, not to mention a fantastic competitive scene. Everyone I’ve met has been great right from the start, in all the tournaments I’ve been to I’ve never had a single problem with anyone. One of the guys at the club John had a bit of trouble at the first tournament we went to but the next time he saw the same person at an event the player in question made a point of apologising for his previous behaviour. I’ve never even heard of that at a 40k event and to actually see it was something else. This doesn’t mean that every tournament is fluffy bunnies and cotton wool. There are some very good players in this country and most tournaments are hard fought but good natured contests.

Speaking of tournaments I’ve been to quite a few this year:

Vapnartak (4th)
Monkeyfaux (11th)
Breachside Brawl (6th)
The Dark Breach (1st)
Henchwench (5th)
4M (1st / team event)
Back to the Breach (15th)
Scottish GT Hardcore (2nd)
Scottish GT (5th)

That’s nearly 1 event every 6 weeks!

The icing on the cake of my year of Malifaux was finding out that I’d managed to qualify for the Malifaux Masters. I finished the year ranked 13th in the UK so I only just scraped into the top 16 but I’m still pretty proud of myself.

The Masters is taking place on 18th/19th January and I’m in the middle of my preparations. That basically means I’m painting like mad to try and get everything finished!!!

Now that my life has settled down a little bit I’m hoping to start blogging again but Malifaux and Dropzone Commander will be the main focus of the articles I write.

I’d also like to thank EYIG for keeping the blog going for the past 12 months while I’ve been busying my time with anything but 40K

Thanks for reading, hopefully it won’t be 12 months before my next post!!!

Greg (Sir#67)