Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Las Vegas Open

A friend and I are going to the Las Vegas Open in 2016. My brother (who works in New Hampshire) will also be joining us.

It’s a long way for a couple of Scottish boys, but next year is my 50th birthday, so I though something epic was in order.

We fly out on the 1st of February, and back on the 9th. The convention/tournament is 5th 6th 7th, so a little time for some sight seeing (I don’t gamble so have no interest in casinos). Excitement is already mounting, and it’s 6 months away….I’ll be a wreck by Christmas.

We don’t yet have details of the event, but last year the Championship was a 6 round tournament, with the top 18 going on to play 3 more games on the Sunday. There was a “friendly” and lots more (hobby tutorials, 30k, Highlander tournament, vendor halls etc etc). The plan is to enter the main 40k tournament, my brother (who doesn’t play regularly) may go for the friendly.

I’ve had a look over the rules pack, and the FAQ. It’s quite different from what we’re used to over her. First up it’s a “win/loss” format. Most largish tournaments in the UK are battle points. Next, it’s a forge world free for all – most things are allowed (there’s a modest ban list). There are also a few rules changes that I’ll need to think about (don’t think any will effect me). Finally, there is a new (to me) mission packet, with primary secondary and tertiary missions that I’ll need to think about too.

All very exciting. But most exciting of all ….. what army am I going to take?

I’ve put my Tau on the shelf for a while. Been playing them pretty consistently for a few months and I wanted to try something a little different. With the new Marine dex coming out I’ve been messing around with the Skyhammer formation, and I’ve even been thinking about a Grey Knights list. However, with the new Tau dex rumoured to be out in October I have a lot of choices!

I have a few tournaments lined up before the LVO (if I can swing it with Mrs Geek!). Ideally I would like to go to a one day on the 16th of August, a 2 day on the 22nd and 23rd August, a 2 day in October, another 2 day in November and finally Cally in January before the LVO in February. Divorce is an option!

So expect a some posts over the next few months agonising over lists, reporting on tournaments and generally wittering on as the excitement mounts.