Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Harlequins for 8th

I'm a bit late with all this 8th edition stuff I know, but I've had my "usual" (OK, it's happened twice!) break from 40k after the LVO and spent the summer getting fit and losing weight (it's all relative!!), before getting bored with that and coming back to 40k.

I've now played 6 games of 8th edition (2 wins against guard, 2 losses against Grey Knights, one win against Dark Angles and a win against an Alpha Legion list with 40 berserkers, so 4-0-2 so far) and I'm beginning to get the hang of it. Llike most people, I'm impressed. It's simple and streamlined, but still sufficiently complex to be entertaining. The only thing I miss are vehicle facings and firing arcs. Firing arcs in particular added more depth to the game, and helped to reign in flyers (which are of course way more powerful in 8th).

But overall, I'm loving it!