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Bede Porter

Hey!  I'm Bede, which is pronounced bead for those out there that don't know, and I'm an avid 40k fan.
I love all parts of the hobby, from the fluff to an amazing paintjob, but this blog will mainly concentrate on the competitive element of the game. I'm an engineering student from the North East of England and study at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I'm  Geordie through and through!

In terms of 40k, I'm still a relative baby compared to some of the players out there, but I've still had my fair share of experiences within the hobby.
I started way back when I was 13 and too young to appreciate the hobby fully, so you may well see some of the models that I decimated in any pictures that I post. I started to get back into the hobby last year and quickly  became obsessed. I went from about 1500 points to about 6000 points in the space of a couple of months.

My main army is Grey Knights, but I originally played Daemonhunters. It was the rumours of a new codex that was the catalyst for me returning to the hobby.

I played in two tournaments this year and have plans for three more so far next year; one in February, one in March and one in April, so keep an eye out for battle reports and musings on my lists.

My other army is an up and coming Luna Wolf project, using the Space Wolves codex. It started out as a purely fluffy endeavour but as I started making my list, the competitive gamer in me won out and I had to go for the best list I could come up with, which is still not finished! I may post some thoughts on the list I will use and the modelling aspect of creating a Luna Wolf army.

If you would like some help with a list or just some comments on how I think it would perform then you can email me at,  bedeporter@googlemail.com

One last thing to add, I'm a stickler for grammar, so if you notice anything in my posts that is incorrect then let me know and I will fix it!

Thanks for reading



Hey, I'm Greg (Sir#67), I've recently returned to 40k after a four/five year hiatus due to work and uni.

I work as an engineer designing sewage works and AD plants. I'm based in Newcastle at the moment but my job sends me all over the place.

In terms of 40k I play Blood Angels and Dark Eldar mostly, though I do have Eldar, Tau and Imperial Guard lurking in the loft. Eldar we're my first army and I believe that the initial steep learning curve when I started playing 40k has shaped my overall play style. I can't stand armies that stay still, it's just not right. My Imperial Guard were Drop Troops in the old 4th ed codex.

I've dabbled in Warhammer Fantasy (Tomb Kings) but 8th edition has left me feeling a little uninspired.

I'm also exploring other game systems. As soon as I get all of my Dark Eldar painted I plan to give Warmachine a go (Menoth) and Malifaux has seriously caught my eye.

I love custom colour schemes and conversions. Only my Blood Angels are the standard colours, though all the characters are converted. I'll try and post pictures of my armies/what I'm working on, on a fairly regular basis.

I'm hoping for a new Tau codex soon though Chaos Legions might intrude on that. A Night Lords army has always been an ambition of mine.

If anyone has any questions or wants any hobby advice your more than welcome to drop me a line at gregpiskosz@hotmail.co.uk

Hope you all enjoy the blog

Greg (Sir#67)

Embrace Your Inner Geek

Gosh – the blogosphere! I’m honoured.
“Embrace Your Inner Geek” here by kind invitation of Bede. Not sure what I’m going to say, but as my handle ways – you gotta embrace it!
So, what am I going to write about? Don’t know really, but first an intro…..!
I’m what you might call a mature gamer! Most of you are probably young enough to be my kids! But hey, one of my pet theories is that anybody over the age of 7 who plays with toy soldiers, is a kid at heart anyway.
Married, three kids, job, mortgage blah, blah, blah. Oh and I’m an obsessive-compulsive 40k addict. Been playing for about 2 years. My son got me into it – it’s all his fault. So I now own an Eldar army, a codex marines army, 3 different types of blood angels army, a Black Templars army and a Tau army – Oh and they are all fully painted….! It’s a worry!
Why do I do it … well there’s a question. Primarily I do it for the game – I love planning lists, I love the strategy, testing them out and kicking butt. Don’t get me wrong (to my surprise) I also enjoy painting, and I try really hard not to field an unpainted army, but I wouldn’t paint if there was no game.
And I love tournaments…. I’m not particularly good at them (yet!), but I love the intensity, I love the variety (people and armies), and I love that people are playing to win (I know this is a big topic, and I might come back to it, but I’m not a fan of “casual gaming” i.e. without regard to the rules or if people aren’t focused on the game). Last year I played in 6 two day tourneys and a similar number of one day tourneys (lost count!). What can I say, it’s an addiction…!
So I guess I’ll write about tactics, lists, tournaments and gaming generally. I probably wont write about painting, and I certainly wont write about fluff!
So first up – well, I’m going to the Caledonian Uprising next weekend and Throne of Skulls the weekend after, taking my Tau. Never been to Caledonian before. Was recommended as being “more competitive” than Throne of Skulls, so looking forward to getting my butt kicked!
The weekend after will be my 3rd Throne of Skulls with my Tau. The last 2 I’ve won 2, lost 2 and drawn one. So pretty average. Looking to do better than that.
So, coming next – my List for Caledonian, and my thoughts on it, and maybe a little about Tau generally.



  1. Bede and Greg -

    Thanks for two really fantastic games today at the Stafford Blade of Thrones tournament. I'll hope to catch up with you at another someday.


  2. Thank you too Dave! One of the best and most enjoyable games against grey knights I've had.
    As we find out about tournaments, I will let you know of them so you can see if you can get to any of them!

  3. Nice blog guys!

    It's weird that I have met all of you before (Games of War) and yet I accidentally stumbled upon this blog... The next thing I knew I was saying to myself "This bunch sounds very similar to the guys at Seaham!"

    Keep blogging, it's good to hear a competitive slant on things without the gamernaziism that happens on some forums.

    Rugby season is just about over so there will be a few of us returning to Games of War over the weekends if any of you can make it down?