Friday, 20 April 2012

IA Tau lists.

Before I go on I’ve just realised I forgot to mention 2 new options – the different turrets for the Hammerheads, and the XV89 Commander Suits.
I can’t get very excited about either of them to be honest. As for the Hammerheads turrets, the only one that’s interesting is perhaps the long range burst cannon. For a fewer points you can emulate the long range anti infantry of the Railgun’s sub-munition large blast. Also the plasma would be interesting, if it was still AP2, but then again the benefit over normal plasma guns is grater range, but at range they will normally have cover. But the biggest problem of all is that they compete in the FOC with Broadsides.
As for the XV89s I’m not convinced that there is a huge benefit over the normal command suits. The only one that’s interesting is the one that packs the Smart Missile System. That could put out some significant fire power. However, the thing that puts me off is that the SMS is a heavy weapon, and suits are not relentless. Not sure I want to give up my mobility for 4 S5 AP5 shots.
So, back to the main point of the post – an IA list.

The thinking in this list builds on my (limited) play testing of the Broadside list I’m thinking about for Throne of Skulls. I’ve liked the idea of a static fire base of Broadsides, and a mobile fire base of Deathrains. I think you can make this even better with the IA units.
I think the next Tournament at Games of War will allow IA units. As before it’s 1750 day one, and 2250 day 2, so that’s what I’ll be aiming for.
So, firstly the static fire base. No surprises here – Broadsides, as many as points allow – probably 6 at 1750, perhaps 9 at 2250. However, I think I would like to try Sentry Turrets to protect the fire base, as I discussed in the first IA post. I now have a Sentry Turret and they are about 3.25 inches across. With a 2.99 inch gap between them, 4 give a frontage of around 22 inches. I think I want to run them with plasma guns, so no Plasma on the Broadsides. That allows me to run the Broadsides cheaper, and give them all targeting arrays. And they will most definitely have Dpods. Finally, I want to run a squad of Kroot between the Broadsides and the Turrets
Next the mobile fire base. Starting point is 9 Deathrains with gun drones. Given the concept of the army, I need the range of the missile pods. The other “must have” unit is a unit of 2 Tetras with targeting arrays, black sun filters and a target lock on one of them. After than it will depend on points. A squad of TX42s with plasma would be really good, and a couple of Remoras would be pretty cool too, but I suspect I might not have the points (BTW I’m now the proud owner of 2 Remoras’ – lovely models).
As for Troops I want to run with 3 troop choices – 1 squad of kroot and 2 squads to Firewarriors in Fish. I think I could drop one of the squads of bubble wrap kroot, given I now have the Turrets.
For HQ I would like an Ethereal and a cheap Deathrain Commander.
So let’s try and put this all together.
First at 1750pts
Shasel with TL Pods, Positional Relay, Target Lock
3 x 3 Deathrains with TL Pods, 1 with Flamer, 1 with BSF and one with Drone Controller with 2 Gun Drones
4 x Sentry Turrets with TL Plasma and Dpods
2 x 10 Kroot
2 x 6 Fire Warriors in Dfish with Dpods
2 Tetras with Targeting Arrays and Black Sun Filters, one with Target Lock.
2 x 3 Broadsides with Targeting Arrays. Team leader in each with Target Lock, drone controller and 2 shield Drones.
At 2250 I would add in 3 TX42s with plasma flechett dischargers and Dpods, an Ethereal with 2 gun Drones and a Remora.
I think these lists would give you some really interesting options to play quite differently. The basic idea would be to set up a rock solid fire base protected by the sentry turrets, and have a highly mobile fire base of Deathrains, TX42s and Tetras.
Role on June…!


  1. Page 52, mini rulebook: Models with jet packs have the ‘relentless’ special rule. All suits have jet packs, iirc.

  2. Page 27 Tau Codex under the heading XV8 Crisis Battlesuit

    "the battlesuits are designed to compensate for the recoil of light weapons fire, so they do not count as moving when they fire Rapid Fire weapons. This ability does not extend to heavy weapons however and the user must be stationary to fire them".

    Never played in anything other than 5th edition, but I suspect this is one of those rules that did not translate well, as it doesn't make much sense.