Monday, 9 July 2012

2 games into 6th

I’ve now played 2 games of 6th edition and I’m getting  there!

My last game was against Little Geek’s Demons. He tabled me! What did I learn?

Well first, demons got way better in 6th edition!

Flying monstrous creatures are pretty hard core! When Little Geeks FMC’s come in they “swoop”, which means I can only hit them on sixes. When they move they can jump over my vehicles and hit them with a “vectored strike” which is a “sort of” assault. It hits on threes on the side armour. When it lands it can still fire one weapon, or if it’s a Lord of Change with some sort of upgrade thingy, 2 weapons. In one turn Little Geeks Lord of Change swooped over a Baal Predator, knocked off its assault cannon with a vectored strike, landed and then toasted a devastator squad with Breath of Chaos! His blood thirster is also a FMC….. so it is a truly horrible close combat monster, that you can only hit on sixes before it rips you apart….!

Demons can now tear vehicles apart quite easily. Little Geek runs 2 big squads of fiends – so hitting on 3’s, with 6 s5 rending attacks each on the charge, they easily rip apart anything that isn’t AV13+. Fiends are also beasts, so they can catch anything but the fastest vehicles.

It’s not all good for Demons – blood letters and blood crushers are pretty weak now (hell blades being AP3), but who cares when you have fiends!

And that made me think about how weak vehicles are now. Much has been made of hull points weakening them, and that’s true. But the really weakness I think is how vulnerable they are in assault. Now you hit them on 3’s rather than 4’s or 6’s. Couple that with hull points and even a pack of 10 Kroot will tear a rhinos apart no matter how far it moved… (30 attacks on the charge, 20 hits, 9 glances ..hell they could multi charge 2 rhinos and still have a reasonably good chance of killing both of them!) And if the Kroot wrap around the rhino before they charge it…..the contents are dead as well!

The other problem is the inability to charge on the turn you disembark even if you haven’t moved, and even if you have been blown out your transport. The earliest you will every be able to charge anything out a rhino is turn 3, and only then after hanging around for a turn getting shot at, assaulted and allowing your “target” to get out the way.

And to top it all you can’t claim an objective while inside a vehicle, nor can a vehicle contest.

Anybody who ran a mechanised army will have to radically rethink how they do it.  A few thoughts

·         Razorbacks are now backfield support units. The last thing you want to do is move them forward into assault range. Arming them with twin linked heavy flamers is now pretty pointless, and assault cannons questionable. In this role they are perhaps stronger as they are harder to stun.
·         I’m struggling a bit to see a role for Rhinos – moving forward with them is now pretty dangerous, but staying in the back filed is pretty pointless. Over 200 points to shoot a heavy and a special out the top hatch. Not exactly points efficient.
·         Chimeras are better because they have the 4 firing hatches – but hull points, and a 5+ cover save effect them too – auto cannons and XV8s with missile pods will strip them of hull points pretty quickly (on average 6 deathrain XV8s will kill a chimera!).
·         Putting anything in a transport you might want to use in assault (unless it’s open topped or has an assault ramp) is pretty pointless. For blood angels 5 man assault squads used to be a cheap scoring upgrade for a razorback, with a melta gun (maybe with an infernos pistol on the sergeant), who, if you gave the sergeant a power weapons, and there was a priest hanging around, were OK in assault, particularly if you teamed up with another 5 man squad. Seems to me there is just no point in thinking this way anymore.
·         For marine armies I wonder if we’ll see the resurgence of the tactical squad? The ability to combat squad and keep both squads in the rhino increases flexibility. Being able to jump out and rapid fire something over 12 inches away helps, and  8 rapid firing bolt guns, a missile launcher and a plasma gun on overwatch might make you thing twice before you charge them. Is this the new use for Rhino’s?
·         Landraiders become relatively better. Harder to “one shot” and you can assault out of them.
·         Ironically I think predators become better.  While hull points and 5+ cover makes them easier to kill at range, it’s harder to stun lock them so, while they might not last as long, they are more likely to fire to full effect until they die.
·         In a Tau army there is now even less point in bringing hammer heads and fire warriors in devil fish. Disruption pods only give a 5+ save. One of the big advantages of a hammer head over a broadside was the ability to tank shock on to an object to contest it.. not any more! I bought a Devilfish for my fire warriors so they could move forward onto objectives, tank shocking if needs be….not any more!

Hmmmmm……back to the drawing board…!



  1. Are you remembering the grounding rule EYIG? For every shooting attack that hits it causes the test for a flying MC.

    Any twin link weapon will hit 33% of the time, no wound required. Then the grounding check for Little Geek's MC will pass 33% of the time getting a strength 9 hit into the bargain.

    Don't tell Little Geek it was me that told you

  2. Its pretty cinematic result as well, The daemon crashing to the ground, its wings peppered with lasgun shots only to drag itself upright and gain a face full of rapid firing plasma. ( worked for me last game )

  3. Just to chime in with my thoughts.

    Vehicles (apart from Storm Ravens) are a liability. Which is gret news, especially for a Tau player. I glanced no less than 2 landraiders to death today, using my psyriflemen dreads (which, because of the extended range are still viable).

    Fire warriors, never in my life did i think i'd say this, Fire warriros are now great troop choices. with a 36" threat radius they can reliably wound other troops long before they can throw any thing back. But thats not what makes them great.

    EMP grenades, even with a firewarriors pathetic WS you'll still hit vehicles on a 3+, no longer do you have to fear the land raider or Predator. a squad of 10 should generate more than enough glances to kill 4 hull points. I havent tried this yet, but from now on i am going to taking a few large fire warrior squads with an ethereal just to see how it goes.

    I see lots of changes to my Tau army in the future, maybe i can start to actually play the objectves game rather than just blasting my opponent into submission.

    Crisis suits. Shield drones are a must (i did this any way) on a shas'el they really shine out, being able to 2+ "look out sir" clever positioning will make sure the suits can survive. the 2d6 assault move is both a blessing and a curse. Seeing as the average dice roll is 3.5 they've gained 1 inch on average.

    Stimulant injector, what can i say, now FnP works against everything (apart from s8 weapons and above (which is just about everything that goes through your armour anyway...)) but its still worth it.

    I can confirm Deathrains are now the suit of choice. 3+ twin linked 36" assault 2 s7 ap4, i played dark eldar tonight with 9 deathrains and 9 broadsides, i never really did anything with my other units. DE transports melt under the withering hail of fire, and the flickerfields do not save them. once the troops were out in the open the deathrains just hosed them down.

    I claimed Lileth and an Archon pretty early on due to my opponent positioning them at the front of his unit???!!!

    Power Armour was the reason i refused to use Dethrains enmasse, but as long as you keep a few plasma rifles on your Shas'el and body guards you'll be ok. And, because of the extended range of deathrain, on average you'll kill more space marines by the time you'd be inside 12 inches to plasma a tactical squad to death anyway. the plasma rifle is dead, long live the missile pod.

    All i need now is for GW to make the Tetras offical and a new flyer (barracuda please, i already have one) and Tau will be very, very viable. Codexes? who needs them...

  4. Hesh - grounding rule...! Excellent. Forgot about that. Won't breath a word to little geek.

    First name last name - have not yet applied my mind to Tau. Been playing BA in my last 2 games. Tau on Wednesday.


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  6. Las/Plas razorbacks that I've been using in a support role...stay exactly the same as they were.
    Oh and my footslogging armies...are even better than before...and using plasma is now going to be the norm...
    Sometimes it's nice to have a armies that don't really change from edition to edition (either that or I'm just ahead of the curve :D ).