Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Clan Wars Lessons Learned

My XV8 Commander - Man of the Match!

What did I learn at the weekend?

·         Flyers. I no longer fear flyers! Two of the games I won (one against twin Helldrakes, the other against twin Stormravens) would have given my marine army fits. This army simply swatted them out the sky. Twin or triple Vendettas might still cause problems, but I think the time of flyer dominance is over (thank god!).

·         Newdar. Eldar are much improved with their new codex. The outstanding units (of the ones I played at the weekend at least) are Wave Serpents, Guardians, Warp Spiders and Guardian Jet Bikes. War Walkers put out a lot of shots, but are fragile (a squad of Fire Warriors blew 2 of them away with ease). Night spinners are also pretty effective. However, the main change I think elder will bring to the meta is an increase in mechanised armies. This is hardly news I know, but I saw it first hand at the weekend. Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon Wave Serpents are really good, mowing down infantry and light vehicles reasonably easily. Add in blade storming guardians, and maybe some fire dragons and you have a pretty effective mechanised base. If you also include a mix of night spinners, Fire Prisim’s and some reserved Guardian Jet Bikes ….. well, that becomes pretty scary! Ask yourself this – in the present meta of anti infantry fire, does you list have enough fire power to take out 6+ AV12 hulls that all have a 4+ cover save simply from moving … and are unlikely to die to one shot! My list certainly doesn’t.

·         Demons. Sigh ….. hate this army… really, really, hate it… but I think its going to get more and more popular. I need to swot up on the codex, and play Little Geek some more.

·         Riptides. Getting to like Riptides more and more. As I’ve said before, XV8s are better in terms of sheer firepower, but Riptides give you so many more tactical options.

·       XV8s – but what Riptides don’t give you is a high volume of S7 firepower. The double Death Rain squad in my list was death to Wave Serpents, particularly with the Puretide Chip giving them Tank Hunter.

·       SMS – I think these are crucial in a Tau list. Because you are not particularly mobile, being able to reach out 30” and kill stuff that is out of line of sight and/or in cover, is fantastic.

·      Fire Warriors. Still great, but you still need to be careful when you get them out of their ‘fish. Best used mid to late game once your Riptdies have killed the stuff that kills them.

·      Ethereal. Again, still good, but was a bit of a liability in Game 2, when he gave up 3 victory points when he died.

·         XV8 Commander. The man of almost every match.

Implications for my list?

The list needs more anti armour. I think we’re going to see a lot more mech eldar armies, and I just didn’t have enough fire power to put them down, or at least enough platforms for that fire power. I’m beginning to wonder about the Ethereal…. Not because he’s bad, the leadership buff and Storm of Fire are amazing. However, I think the XV8 Commander might be better… and having 2 of them… with Marker Drones…. hmmm!

So I’m wondering if I can fit in 3 Riptides and 2 Double Death Rain Commanders with Double Death Rain body guards …… and some Broadsides ….. and a Farseer, with jet bikes ….. and loads and loads of Kroot!

Further thoughts to follow!



  1. Great article have really enjoyed reading your rants both here and on Warhammer Tau. Your ideas have brought me back to Tau and helpped me as a player. Played first game with the new Tau Dex last weekend against Deathwing, last time I played that list my wolves got tabled this time the Tau tabled them. Felt good kind of.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks EYIG for your rants they are helping someone at least.

  2. @pLank thanks mate. Sorry for the late responese but ive been on holdiay.

    Its alwasy good to hear from somebody who reads what I write.