Tuesday, 3 September 2013

List for Warrington GT

XV8 Commander

Well it's submitted now, so here it is for what it's worth.

I’ve decided not to change my list radically to deal with “Tau Hunters” e.g. Tzeentch Screamer Stars, Seer Councils etc. The more racial options I came up with (Grey Knight Allies, with Coteaz and a Vindicare) seemed too extreme. I think they weakened my list too much, and I really wasn’t going to have time to practise with it.

The list is an evolution of the list I took to Clan Wars. Here it is

Tau Empire Commander, C&CN, M3S, Drone Controller, Puretide Chip,  Iridium Armour, Stim Injector.

Essentially a tank (T5 with a 2+ and FNP) who hands out USRs, and makes Drones BS5.He goes wherever he’s needed most. Want to kill a Wave Serpent – give the Deathrains Tank Hunter – want to kill an FMC – give the Heavy Burst Cannon Riptide, Monster Hunter – want to kill a Landraider – give the IA Riptide Tank Hunter, Nova Charge the Ion Accelerator and drop a S9 AP2 Large blast on the Raider, rolling 4 dice to pen (Ordinance and Tank Hunter) etc.

Riptide, Ion Accelerator, TL Fusion Blaster, Velocity Tracker, Early Warning Override.

Very Durable, with a gun that can kill or at least wound anything in the game. Interceptor for dropping AP2 pie plates on deep striking Terminators or Podding marines. Skyfire because …. well who doesn’t like skyfiring melta! My (only) answer to AV14, but with Tank Hunter, it’s a reasonable one.

11 Fire Warriors, in a Devilfish with Sensor Spines and Disruption Pods.

This unit, and the Enclave one (see below) with the Ethereal, are my torrent of fire. They work as a pair, pushing forward, protected by their ‘fish to jump out and deal with infantry, once I’ve killed anything that poses a threat to the Fire Warriors. D’pod gives them a 3+ cover save until they’re needed, and Sensor Spines allow them to ignore difficult terrain making them much more manoeuvrable .

10 Kroot, 1 Hound
10 Kroot, 1 Hound

Cheap Scoring and bubble wrap.

Skyray, Black Sun Filter, D’pods, SMS
Skyray, Black Sun Filter, D’pods.SMS

Anti Flyer and alpha strike capacity. Also extra marker light support, and Skyfire marker light support at that. In addition the SMS are great later in the game for picking off scoring units.

Enclave, Ethereal

Because he’s awesome when combined with Fire Warriors!

Enclave Riptide
Enclave Riptide, Heavy Burst Cannon, SMS, Earth Caste Pilot Array, Talisman of Arthas Moloch, Velocity Tracker, Stim Injector

Enclave Riptide so I can take the 2 Signature Systems that are actually any good. The Talisman allowing everything within 12” to deny the witch on 4d6 (if my maths are right that’s a 66% chance to deny) is a great counter to drop podding Rune Priests with Jaws. The Velocity Tracker is there to make Flying MC’s cry. The Stim Injector is my only concession to the screamer star – i.e. tie it up with a Riptide with a 3++ and then a 5+ FNP, that also has a good chance to deny Misfortune on 4d6….. well that’s the theory at least.

11 Enclave Fire Warriors, in a Devilfish with Sensor Spines and Disruption Pods.

Same as the Empire one, but here so the Ethereal can hitch a ride.

3 Enclave XV8’s all with double missile pods and target locks, with 6 Marker Drones.

These are the light armour killers (e.g. Wave Serpents) and my main source of Marker Lights. Eight times out of 10 the Commander goes here, dishing out Tank Hunter, Monster Hunter, making the Marker Drones BS5, and making the unit very durable. And of course they also score.

The idea is that it brings the best of both Empire and Enclave. The Empire Commander brings the key signature systems from the main Codex, and the Enclave Riptide brings the key Signature Systems from the Supplement. And of course the XV8s are scoring.




  1. Did you pay for the Bonding Knife on all the Farsight units and not list it?

  2. yes - its built into the cost on battle scribe

  3. I think the Talisman might not be as good as you thought --- I believe it should be about 52% chance of denying (actually 0.5177). It's not simply four times the chance for any six, because there are the cases where you have more than one. It's still a lot better than the un-modified version, though (~17%).

  4. Nice list. Good mobility, scoring and anti-flier. Good range of threats and targets for the points. One question - why fire warriors over more kroot?

  5. @Nuanced Confusion ..... it was you that gave me the first number!

    @Sentinel .... because I want to take Devilfish. But I suspect if I was going for the optimum build, Kroot would be the way to go.

    1. Umm ... If I remember correctly, I gave you an answer to a different question. And if that's not the case, then I'm going to say that you probably shouldn't believe any probability calculation that I do in my head, especially late at night and after a bibbulous dinner! The 52% number is right.

  6. The list looks pretty solid. If I was running it I would tweak only 2 things; switch the support systems on the Riptides...

    From my experience Flyer Hunting is much better with the Hvy Burst Cannon than Ion Accelerator. For that reason I would give the Enclave Riptide Velocity Tracker and Early Warning Override.

    At the same time you are so very right about FnP Riptides being a great way to tie up Screamer councils. For that reason I would give the Codex Riptide the Stim Injector. This way you are also not risking the much tastier Enclave Riptide with his signature systems in Assault against Screamers or the like.

  7. Thanks Neil. Agreed on the VT but I might still keep the stim on the Enclave Riptide. The ECPA makes the 3++ more reliable on the screamer tarpit, and the Talisman makes it harder for them to cast misfortune on it.