Friday, 6 February 2015

The Year Ahead

I was supposed to be attending Clan Wars this weekend. Clan Wars was the final team qualifier for the Scottish ETC team. Sadly however it was cancelled due to lack of numbers. It’s disappointing. It’s the 3rd Clan Wars/Scottish Team event that has been cancelled due to lack of numbers in the last few months. I’m not sure why this is. There are a few tournaments in Scotland that sell out every year, and Caledonian Uprising, another Team Scotland Event, but crucially held in the North West of England, had over 170 players. 

However, whatever the reason it’s not happening – and my last chance to qualify for the ETC team is no more! Mind you, given my results at other qualifying events (Rapid Fire, the GT Heat and Cally) there was no way I was going to qualify, unless I won the whole thing …. which was never going to happen! 

So what to do with the rest of the year?

Well I qualified for the GT Final at the end of March, so I will probably go to that, and there is a “Summer” Cally in July, Caledonian Revolution, which I’m also going to. Other than that, a friend is putting on a 2 day tournament in June, in Scotland which I’m also going to (Dark Millennium). And that will probably be it until the new “season” starts again after the summer. There may be a few smaller events around those 3, but they’re the main focus.

I had thought I would move to Blood Angles after Clan Wars, to take a break from Tau, however I’ve found the new BA codex uninspiring, so I think I’ll stick with Tau.  I’m enjoying playing the XV8 spam list, and I feel I’m getting better with it in every tournament. With more practice I think it could be fun AND powerful!

It’s good to set goals, and my goals for these events are as follows

GT Heat – win 2 out of 5 games. I’m not trying to kid myself here. Everybody at the event has come in the top 50% in 3 heats all over the country. There will be no easy games, so I’ll be happy winning  2 out of 5.

For Dark Millennium, I would like to try and do a little better. Win 3 out of 5 and come in the top 10 perhaps? There’s also a “Warmaster” title which combines sporting, battle points and favourite army votes … that would be pleasing!

At Summer Cally, I would like to do better than Winter Cally (where I went 2 - 3) – let’s say win 3 out of 5?

So there we have it – goals for the year!


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