Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Harlequins List Development

A bit of an update on my thinking on Harlies, and a look forward to the next couple of months.

Over the next 2 months I’ll be attending 3 large events. In ITC speak they're all GT’s, and 2 of them will be “majors”. This weekend I’m going to the Blood and Glory GT in Darby (think there are around 70 people going), at the beginning of December I’m going to Rapid Fire in Stirling (34 people), and the weekend after that, Heat 3 of the GW GT at Warhammer World (being “allowed” to go to 2 events back to back cost me a holiday to Rome for Mrs Geek and the Geeklets !!). 

The goal is to qualify for the GT final at Warhammer World in March 2018. For those that dont know, GW run 3 heats, with the top 40 people in each heat, going on to a final. For the last few years they have run gaming events (called “Throne of Skulls”), but they were a long way from a competitive tournament. This is the first time they’ve run the GT for a few years. I used to go to Throne of Skulls regularly, but they changed up the format so much I stopped. Broadly they turned them into gaming weekends rather than tournaments (no swiss pairing, heavy soft scoring etc), and they just weren’t fun anymore. While there are still soft scores (sportsmanship and pairing) I want to give it the benefit of the doubt again.

The goal is to qualify with Harlequins (I”ll allow myself some allies!!). To be sure of qualifying I’ll probably need to go 4-1, although 3-2 might make it, depending on paint and sportsmanship scoring. So, with that in mind, Blood and Glory and Rapid Fire are practice events, to experiment with some alternative lists and units.

My list for Blood and Glory is

Harlequins Battalion

Troupe Master, Fusion Pistol, Caress
Troupe Master, Fusion Pistol, Embrace (I needed 3 points!)

Troupe, 5 Players, 3 Fusion Pistols, 4 Embraces
Troupe, 5 Players, 3 Fusion Pistols, 4 Embraces
Troupe, 5 Players, 2 Fusion Pistols, 4 Embraces
Troupe, 5 Players, 2 Fusion Pistols, 4 Embraces


3 Skyweavers, 2 Glaves

4 Starweavers

Aeldari Spearhead

Farseer Skyrunner, Doom, Executioner.

Ravager, 3 Disintegrators
Ravager, 3 Disintegrators
Ravager, 3 Disintegrators

The Troupe Masters are there to give re-rolls to wound. Embraces are only S4 and they often need a little “oomph” with tougher opponents. The Troupe’s are the “guts” of the list. I’ve reduced Fusion Pistol numbers to fit other stuff in, and based on my thinking that too many Fusion Pistols is a bit of a trap. I’ve stuck with Embraces because of the -3 AP, and lower point cost. 

I’m giving the Solitaire “one last chance”. I really want him to work, as he’s such an iconic character in a Harlequins army, but he’s been a bit lack luster so for. 

The big change is dropping the Shadowseer for the Farseer. Not sure about this. Twilight Pathways is pretty good, but 134 points just for that? I think, for the same points, the Farseer is just better value. In particular Doom is extremely effective with the Dissie Ravager. Last week I killed a doomed Baneblade in one round of shooting, and I didn’t use a single Fusion Pistol! He also gets to deny 2 powers, is more mobile, and has the chance to cast Smite and Executioner for a possible 3d6 mortal wounds. 

So that's the list. I'll be doing a brief battle report on Blood and Glory next week, and further list refinement.

I'm in the process of painting a couple of Hemlocks, so I want to try them as allies for Rapid Fire, so i can decide on the best list for the GT.




  1. Loving the Harlie love. I just rediscovering 40k gaming after a break and it's great to find blogs like yours that can help guide my progress.

    Thanks for blogging!

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