Tuesday, 5 December 2017

List for Heat 2 of the GW Grand Tournament

I’m paralysed with indecision.

I’ve boiled it down to 2 options for my list for the weekend, and I just can’t make up my mind. It’s a decision between a pure Harlies list to take advantage of our new Strategems, or adding in a Farseer and some Kabalites in Venoms to provide torrent of fire.

List 1

Troupe Master, Fusion, Embrace
Troupe Master, Fusion, Embrace

Troupe, 3 Fusion, 4 Embraces x 6

Starweavers x6


Skyweavers x5

This is the pure Harlies list. It’s designed to be all about assault and Fusion Pistols, and using the Skyweavers to get into my opponent’s “grill” as fast as possible.

  • It’s got a lot of redundancy. In the games I’ve played with 6 Troupes, I dont think I’ve ever had to get all 6 out their Starweaver.
  • The Skyweavers can pull off 30” charges without the Shadowseer casting Twilight Pathways, and 50+” charges with Twilight Pathways. With a 3++ after they advance, it makes them a great unit for tieing stuff up, forcing gun lines to fall back and neutering shooting. 
  • Only 7 drops, so will usually get +1 to go first.
  • It has no easily accessible torrent of fire. I say easily accessible, because it does have torrent in assault from the multiple Troupes, but it’s harder to coordinate, and you risk losing a significant number of Players if your opponent “interrupts” the assault with the stratagem.
  • It has no real screening unit. The best it can do going second against first turn charges is 5 Skyweavers - a very expensive screen. The alternative might be straining 3 Starweavers across a front, with Troupes outside ready to counter assault, but it’s not ideal.

List 2

Troupe Master, Fusion, Caress
Troupe Master, Fusion, Caress
Troupe Master, Fusion, Embrace

Troupe, 3 Fusion, 4 Embraces x 5


Starweavers x5

Farseer, Skyrunner, Warlord trait that means you cant overwatch him, and relic that means you get a preroll for Psychic tests. 

5 Kabalite Warriors x 3

Venoms x3

So dropping one Troupe and the ‘weaver, for 3 Venoms full of Kabalites, each kicking out 17 poison shots at 18”. I've dropped a Troupe and Starweaver from the list I ran at the weekend to fit in a Solitaire. The Troupe Master is not really necessary, but i couldn't think of anything else to put in to use up the points! 

  • Significant Torrent of Fire. Fifty eight shots at 18”, with doom will put a dent in most hordes. And I’m expecting a few nid players.
  • It has a screen (the Kabalites)
  • It has a Farseer, which IMHO, is a far better option than a Shadowseer (unless you’re planning to boost Skyweavers) and he’s on a Skyrunner which makes him more survivable, and faster.
  • I have one less Troupe
  • There is nothing their really to take advantage of the 3++ stratagem (is that really a con?)
  • 9 Drops, so less likely to get the +1 to go first. 
In summary the pure Harlies list is closer to the armies “aesthetic” fast, tricky, engaging and fragile. Adding in the Kabalites take it away from that, making it more of an axe than a scalpel !!

Bottom line - I think the second list will be easier to play, and more effective, while the first list is more situational, and harder to coordinate ...... but maybe more fun!!



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