Saturday, 5 May 2012


I am now the proud owner of an Aztec airbrush. Does anybody know a good on line guide?



  1. depends entirely on what you want to do with it, what paint you want to shoot and so on.

    lets assume citadel acrylics.. you need to think with soemthing, i use either windex or vallejo thinner depending on what i'm doing.. ypu need liquid paint, so it flows like thin milk, but leaves pigment on the side of your mixing cup..

    you also need to adjust your pressure so you are at the lowest pressure you still get good atomisation.. overpressure will lead to spattering.

    practice first on paper.. too much paint/pressure and you get spidering.. try youtube for a few basics, and practice!

    feel free to ask specific questions as issues arise, :)

  2. Thanks mate. I'm really looking to do base coats at first, particularly for vehicles (painting 2 BA 'ravens by hand nearly broke me!), but I'm sure I'll move on from that. I'll be using GW paints.

    I have a bunch of tau stuff to base coat. Il let you know how I get on.


  3. I have whooping cough believe it or not (bloody kids)! So not at work and putting my non coughing time to good use! Broke out the airbrush today. Awesome. Base coasted 2 Tetras, 4 Sentry Turrets and a TX42 in about an hour (including all the "first time user" phaf).

    Karitas - you were spot on with the "over pressure" took a while to get used to that.

    From the instructions, it seems that you can get some really fine sprays - do you paint whole models with your airbrush? Can you get enough control to paint detail?


  4. I do an awful lot with my airbrush, and the more you use it, the more control you will learn.. with my poshest brush i can get a line less than 1mm thick..

    thin paint or ink, low pressire and being close to subect.. its all about learning the use of that two stage strigger, airflow and paint flow control.

    when starting out however, masking and stencils can offer an awful lot of cool options

    want to do camo? use some blu tak or silly putty to mask areas and spray.. want to do weathering? learn to love hairspray.. seriously..

    invest in some matte and some gloss varnish (ise use klear for this) being able to quickly protect work and then wash over a high gloss surface.. then mattge that surface down as both a fixer and sheen reducer has so many uses..

    the thing to remember most is that the thing the airnrush excells at is gradients.. so high contrast transistion can be caheived smoothly, the main use for airbrushing is really base coat, highlight, stencil and maks detail/pattern, sealing prior to weathering and applying some deatils, like soot on barrels.. or thin washes etc.

    check out a couple of my vehicle painting posts.. and my one on painting space wolves or airbrushing kroot.. youll see some of the stuff i've done with mine.

    and for sure, keep the questions coming :)

  5. Forgive my ignorance, but where can I fine your posts?

  6. No worries you can either click my name to see my profile and follow the linky to my blog, or go straight to:

    On a related note, I just about got start set level into malifaux myself :)

  7. There are lots,of varying utility, on YouTube. A favourite is BuyPainted, a Polish commercial painter who uses his airbrush extensively even for man-sized models. There are a number of example videos for various models.