Monday, 28 May 2012


OK – lets get it out there right from the start – I love the new model. It’s wonderfully ugly – just like any good Space Marine vehicle should be. If you want sleek and elegant, play Eldar! Space Marine vehicles should be blocky, utilitarian and down right ugly.

Having said that, I’m not a huge fan of the rules, or more particularly the points cost. One hundred and thirty points base, with 20 points to replace the heavy bolter with a laz cannon, or 25 for the missile launchers is, IMO too expensive. It’s not that much better than a landspeeder.

The additional rules are interesting – supersonic and aerial assault make for a very fast gunship. But I’m not really that impressed with the escort rule. If I could bring it in to support the first wave of a drop pod assault, that would be good. If I could use it with my Blood Angles to escort Stormravens, that would be awesome. However, as it is the ability to bring 2 units in on one reserve dice role is kinda underwhelming.

The long and the short of it is that I would rather have 2 HF MM Land Speeders for the same cost as one Stormtalon, or 3 Typhoons for less than the cost of 2 Talons.

And that brings me to a conclusion – I suspect 6th ed is going to give Flyers a big boost. The Stormtalon, at this points cost, just doesn’t make sense without it.

I hope I’m right, because I really want to make a marine biker army with 3 Stormtalons! It would look pretty cool (and maybe that’s as good a reason as any!).

What am I missing – is there a way to use the Stormtalon that makes is awesome? In what sort of list might Stormtalons shine over Land Speeders?



  1. i agree with every word. it has been 5 years (literally) since a model was released that i immediately had to own. i love everything about the Stormtalon, and even though i dont own a SM army i pre-ordered one just to paint it. your rules assessment is spot on as well. crap for its points, but i expect there will be something in the new rules which makes it worth it.

    1. I'm in the same situation. I love both the SM and ork models but I can't see much benefit using them on the table. I'm sorely tempted to buy one of each during Blog Wars though!

  2. I'm thinking about a biker army, painted as the Rampagers (a white scars successor chapter). Tricked out biker command squad, 4 bike squads with max melta, and 3 storm talons. Running counts as Khan, for outflanking assault cannons......! I can see it in my minds eye it looks cool. But I really don't want to drop 100's of pounds on an army with 6th just around the corner.