Friday, 1 June 2012

AP values in combat: the elephant in the room

Hello Sir#67 here.

I was driving down to mansfield this afternoon ready for blog wars 3 tomorrow and had a little revelation about the prospect of ap values in close combat.

Incase you were in some sort of coma for the past week you'll have heard that close combat weapons will have their own ap values. They're something along the lines of:

Chainswords, combat knives etc: ap6
Power Weapons: ap3
Power Fists: ap2
Chain Fists: ap1

Looking at this, I along with everyone else has predicted the rise of the terminator.

Going with what we currently know this is exactly what is going to happen.

Thing is it's a new edition that's on the way and to a certain extent all bets are off.

If cc weapons are going to get an ap value then what happens if the nature of ap values changes.

The idea's been put about that 40k is becoming more like fantasy. Looking at things like random charge ranges, challenges etc that seems to be the case. So lets take that idea a little further.

What if instead of removing your armour save ap values modify it instead.

Stay with me here, strength values modify saves in fantasy so maybe ap values will do the same in 40k. If the modifiers were set up some thing like:

ap6 = -1
ap5 = -2
ap4 = -3
ap3 = -4
ap2 = -5
ap1 = -6

Power weapons will give your standard marine a 6+ armour save and a terminator a 5+ armour save. This would make a termies invulnerable save a bit pointless though so lets steal another rule from fantasy and let you use both armour and invulnerable saves at the same time.

A terminator would then get a 5+ then 5++ against a power weapon and a 6+ then 5++ against a power fist.

This way terminators are a bit more survivable but not the harbingers of the apocalypse they look like at the moment.

It's just a thought, fresh out of my own mind so don't read to much into it but it doesn't seem so out there to me at the moment.

What say you?


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