Friday, 15 June 2012

The last few days of 5th!

I almost don’t want to do this post. I’m getting really fed up of 6th edition rumours and speculation. However, I feel compelled to say something (don’t know why!).

Firstly, I’m not going to comment on the rumoured rules changes. It’s pointless. Inevitably you look at the rumours through the prism of 5th edition. It’s impossible to assess individual rules changes without knowing the whole picture. The fact that charge range may be 2d6, discard the highest, means nothing unless you know what all the other rules are that impact on assaults. Everybody is getting excited about power weapons being “only” AP3. Terminators will be gods apparently. But what if cover saves are changed so they never get more than their 5++, and the rapid fire rules change to make plasma guns scary. Terminators not looking quite so god like now!
So I’ll save comments until after I read the rules. But a few thoughts for now.
First I hope they publish extensive FAQs for some of the older books – well lets be honest, I hope they publish a FAQ for the Tau codex to update some stuff, pending a new 6th ed codex. I would be really sad if my Tau were even more restricted.
Second, I really want flyers to be awesome…..I have 3 Stormravens for my BA, and now 2 Stormtalons for a fledgling SM biker army. Death from above!
Thirdly, I hope all the new stuff is available electronically, the new Space Marine Codex for the iPad is fantastic.
Finally, it looks like all the authors on this blog will be playing at a 2 day tournament on the weekend 6th hits the shelves. All 3 of us (and Little Geek too) are going to the Games of War  tourni on 30th June and 1st July. Our last tournament of 5th edition. Black arm bands will be worn!
It’s going to be the last “hurrah” for 5th, and I’m going to take a really silly list just for fun.
The king is dead – long live the king! 

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