Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Plans for the Autumn

Thought I would post this up as it will give a bit of a structure to my ramblings over the next few months.
I have a number of Tournaments (and events)  lined up this autumn. Five in total. First this Saturday a bunch of friends are getting together for a day of gaming. There will be 12 of us, three games at 1750 – designated as tournament prep so 2.30hr games, swiss pairing, but flexible lists. I plan to take 3 different lists to “try out”.
Next I have a one day 1750 tournament at the beginning of October. Allies allowed. Next at the end of October I have a 2 day Tournament. Six game at 1750pts. Bit disappointed that they are not allowing allies. Also the scenarios seems to be an odd combination of 5th and 6th ed, which might cause confusion. Finally, they are only allowing 2 hours per game which, IMHO is not enough time for 1750pts, particularly with a new system with new rules. Still it’s one of the bigger tournaments locally and I still want to go.
In November I’m heading south to the 3rd Heat for the UKGT, hopefully to qualify for the final in March. I’m excited about this one as it will probably be the first outing for my new improved (with allies) Tau list, including forge world Tetras…!
Finally, in December there is a 2 day Games of War Tournament.
My focus will be on the GT Heat. Between then and now I need to finalise a “rock hard” Tau list, that will be as competitive as it can be. The problem is I also need to sort out a single faction list for the 2 day Tournament at the end of October. Finally, I would really like to win a Games of War Tournament. I’ve come second a couple of times, but never won one (CLANG  - that was the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down  - a number of readers, not to mention Sir67 and Bede, attend these tournaments!)
What I think I’ll do is run a Tau Allies list for the one day tournament in October, an SM biker list for the 2 day tournament at the end of October (although the FAQ made my triple Stormraven list playable again!), and a Tau Allies list for the GT. I’ll keep the Games of War list a secret!
The most pressing question then is, what Allies to run with Tau – and whether to continue with a footslogging list, or revert to a mech list given the recent FAQ
The first stage in the decision process is the gaming day this Saturday. I think I’ll run Tau with Eldar, Tau with Orks (if I get them built in time – need to build 40 of them plus the Big Mek by Saturday!) , and Tau with SM bikes (need to paint 4 of them for Saturday!).
Next post will be some thoughts on Tau Allies, and the lists I’m running on Saturday.

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