Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tau and Eldar

Played a game last night with Tau and Eldar allies against tyranids.

Fireknife Shasel with Iridium Armour and 2 shield drones,

Deathrains x3 plus 2 gun drones.

Fireknives x3 plus 2 gun drones

Fireknives x3 plus 2 gun drones

12 Fire warriors (yes really!)

2x10 kroot

2x2 Broadsides with 2 shield drones


5 Pathfinders

Opponent's list was a work in progress and not optimal (not that I know much about tyranids!). He's just starting out with 'nids, having got bored with wolves and grey knights. We called it at the end of turn 4. From memory he had a handful of little bugs left and one of the big ones - the one that spawns little ones (Tervigon?). I had lost one gun drone, 4 kroot and 2 pathfinders.

Highlight - killing his Hivetyrant with Railguns turn 1 for both first blood and Kill the Warlord!

Eldrad with Tau is awesome. I rolled on divination, getting re rolls to hit, 4+ invulnerable save, ignore cover, forcing enemies to re roll successful saves. All of them just fantastic for Tau. Twelve rapid firing FWs re rolling missed hits and ignoring cover just minced the little bugs. Fireknives re rolling missed hits, minced the big ones.

Interestingly we played hammer and anvil - and as I hoped, the added space, and the ability to premeasure easily kept me safe from assaults.

The one disappointment were the pathfinders - on paper they are nice, but they just didn't pull their weight. The other problem were a lack mobile scoring units. Kroot just don't cut it. I think the solution to both of these problems are guardian jet bikes. For just a few more points than the pathfinders, I can get 2 squads of 3 bikes. Not by any stretch of the imagination are the durable, but they are incredibly fast. Kept off the board with a positional relay until turn 4, they might just work...!

I'll try them our next week.

I've also just order 40 boyz....another option.


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