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More Rules stuff - Are Broadsidesthe best Anti Flyer unit in the Game?

Are Broadsides the Best Anti Flyer unit in the game?

This came up in the comments during an exchange with Rathstar. I thought I would post something about it to give it more coverage.

First of all, this is an argument about Rules as Written (RAW), based on an interpretation of what’s in the 6thed rule book and the Tau Codex, as amended. I’m not really talking about Rules as Intended (RAI). So I'm not interested in what you think the rules should be - just what they are! If you disagree withthe interpretatin tell me why, quoting rules.

The argument is that a Broadside Team Leader, fitted with a Hard Wired Multitracker, and manning a Quad Gun, can shoot both the Quad Gun, and his TL Railgun at a Flyer using his normal Ballistic Skill. This is based on a reading of the Skyfire Rule, and the Multitracker rule as amended by the 6th Ed Tau FAQ.

The Skyfire Rule says “A model with this special rule, or that fires a weapon with this special rule, fires using its normal Ballistic Skill when shooting at Flyers”. The Multitracker rule in the Tau Codex said (i.e. past tense) that it allowed the wearer to shoot 2 battlesuit weapons. Now that would not let it fire the Quad Gun and the Railgun. However, in the 6th ed FAQ, this was specifically changed to read that the Multitracker “enables the model to fire two weapons in the same turn”.

So, does this mean that the Broadside Team Leader can fire both the Quadgun, and his Railgun, at a flyer using his normal ballistic skill?

Arguably, and unexpectedly, the answer might be “yes”! The Key phrase is “A model with this special rule, or that fires a weapon with this special rule, fires using its normal Ballistic Skill”. So if he fires the Quad gun, he is firing a weapon with the Skyfire Special Rule, and as the rule is written, he can then fire at flyers using his normal Ballistic Skill. There is no restriction that says he can only fire the Quad Gun using the Skyfire rule.

And also think – why make this very specific change to the multitracker rule, if not to allow the model to shoot a quad gun and a battlesuit weapon.

So, to repeat the question, is a Broadsides with a Targeting array and a HW Multitracker, manning a quad gun, the best anti flyer unit in the game? If you also give him a HW target Lock, he can kill flyers, while the rest of his team kill armour on the ground.

Have I got this all wrong?



  1. I see your Broadside and raise the stakes with a Land Raider Crusader with Assualt Cannon. Multi-melta and Psi-bolt ammo parked next to the Quad Gun

    Page 71 "for distances involving a vehicle, measure to and from their hull"

    However due to the following rule I think both Broadside and Crusader would only fire the quad gun

    Page 105 BRB Gun Emplacement "One model in base to base contact with the gun emplacement may fire it instead of his own weapon"

    1. (Wish you could edit after posting)

      The page 71 quote gets round the base to base requirement for the Crusader.

  2. Not sure I agree Hesh. The section you quote from p105 continues where you left of to say "following the normal rules for shooting". For a Broadside with a Multitracker, "the normal rules for shooting" are that it can fire 2 weapons per turn. Combine that with the specific change tothe Tau FAQ, and that means it can fire both the Quad Gun and the Railgun.

    Mate - your vendettas are toast!!!


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    2. As you pointed out it follows the normal rules for shooting

      The Broadside just allows you to fire 2 weapons; it does not give the allowance to ignore any other rules.

      If the rule said ‘instead of one weapon’ or ‘a weapon’ I could see it working.

      You fire the quad gun to get the skyfire rule for your Broadside but then the problem is what weapon do you fire that is not covered by the phrase "instead of his own weapon".

      Each weapon on the Broadside is “his own weapon” although if you have the bare faced cheek to call your Broadside female 
      the rules would allow it.

      Not too bothered about the vendettas as its the Interceptor I worry about. Either way the rule ends up I am happy to play it as long as the Broadside is painted pink and has flowers on the base.

  3. I'm sorry Geek but I think your wrong on this one.

    The skyfire rule states that "A model with this special rule or that fires a weapon with this special rule, fires using it's normal ballistic skill". The Broadside does not have the skyfire rule itself but the Quad gun does and the Broadsides' railgun does not.

    The Muilti-Tracker will let the Broadside fire both the quad gun and railgun in the same turn and at the same target. However when shooting at flyers, the broadside will fire the quad gun at its normal ballistic skill and the railgun at BS1.


  4. If You read the rules as written there's always the Dark Eldar Ravager - 3 dark lances at bs 4. I know it's not the way it should be... but het GW didn't adress that

  5. LOL - "Hello Kitty" Broadsides, love it!

    More seriously. I think there is no doubt that the Broadsides can shoot the quad gun and the railgun. The questions is whether the railgun can be fired at flyers at full BS. The key sentence is "A model with this special rule or that fires a weapon with this special rule, fires using it's normal ballistic skill". The argument hinges on there being no "it" between the words "fires" and "using in the phrase after the comma.

    Sadly I think I need to conceed that the lack of an "it" isnlt good enough. Bugger!

    See, this is what happens when you get schooled by Necron Flyer Spam!