Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thoughts on the Tournament

This was my first real 6thed tournament, and my first one where Forge World units were allowed. If I’m honest I’m not sure I really enjoyed the gaming. The game against guard I found intensely frustrating, and the first Tyranid game likewise. Having no real counter to the list you’re fighting is annoying.

Now I could rant about how Vendettas are horribly under priced, about how Flyers and FMCs have created huge imbalance, and about how allowing Forge World units to counter that imbalance may have created more problems than solutions etc. etc., and some of it may even be true. However, if I’m honest, the real problem is that all the old certainties have been swept away. What worked in 5th, sometimes struggles in 6th, and what works in 6th you might never have come across in 5th. The fact of the matter is I have played too few games in 6th ed, to be able to deal with some of the stuff that’s on the table, or to build a list that has all the necessary tools.

And if I’m honest, that’s what I found most frustrating. So, much as I would like to blame the game, games workshop, forge world and “broken” lists, that’s not the real problem. The real problem is my own inexperience in this edition….at the moment.

And that’s an important qualification. It may well be that the games is imbalanced, that forge world do write crappy rules, and that flyers have broken the game, but only time will tell. If I go to the same tournament in a year's time and it’s still just as frustrating, then maybe we have a problem!

Only time will tell.



  1. Hi,

    I noticed we were running simlar lists at heat 3, I was the other tau/ork player. Someone mentioned you had a blog-so I tracked it down!

    There are a few differences in our lists, but both are based heavily around the forgeworld units. Tetras make markerlights viable again, the main issues before were cost, and mobility. Tetras are dirt cheap & very fast, an effective 48" range means your not hidinf from them for long-if at all. the plasma turrets on the hammerheads are awesome, but its the d-pod that, i think, makes them the best tank in the game at the moment.

    Have you considered the FW sensor towers? I run 2 and being able to twin link any unit within 6" is amazing. 4 plas/missile/m-tracker suits twin linked & ignoring cover wipes elite units off the board. and twin-linked lootas are death to flyers. worth considering!

    how are you finding the devilfish? my army is severly lacking in mobility, and i've been thinking about trying a few out with 12 firewarriors. its just they seem a little pricey for what you get?

  2. Mate - great to hear from you. I wanted to chat at the event, but never got a chance. Would really value your input. I've just posted up my thoughts on my list. Comment away.

    BTW - good thinking on the lootas, I didnt realise the sensor towers effected non Tau units.