Thursday, 7 February 2013

Horror and redemption!

One of my goals for 2013 was to finish my drop podding marine army. Well last  weekend I pretty much finished it. I only have some line highlighting to do on 4 of the 7 the drop pods and I’m done. Its 90% Forge World MkIII Iron Armour and it’s taken over 2 years to finish. Even if I say so myself, I’m mighty proud of the army.

So last Wednesday I packed them into my KR case to go to the non-club for the army’s first game as a completed army. I walk out to the car and go to put the case in the boot. Bugger… forgot my key. I  put the case down and go back to the house, get my keys, jump in the car and reverse out the driveway….!

Spot the deliberate mistake? I have just ran over hundreds of pounds of resin that took hundreds of hours to paint……!

I realise what I’ve done and retrieve the KR Case from under the car in growing horror. Can’t face opening the case, and drive off to the non-club in a state of shock. Walk into the club, and, verging on tears, explain what happened. The guys sit me down, make me a coffee and, while I recover, put the army back together again,. After a deal of effort on their part, I lose 2 models that are irreparable…!

Thanks guys. In a world of casual acquaintances, it’s good to have friends.

Fun fact…… as well as marines, there was a tray of fire warriors (!) in the bag. The 2 irreparable models were 2 of the fire warriors! And that’s the difference between T4 and T3!

Reality emulating the table top!



  1. Gutted! That's one of those moments when you need a re-roll.

  2. I cannot comprehend this happening to me!

    I assume the whole lot needs repainting?