Saturday, 23 February 2013

Next Three Tournaments

My next 3 tournaments are Games of War’s Spring Tournament inext weekend. Throne of Skulls at the end of March, and the WPS Club Challenge at the end of May.

GofW is 1750 day one and 2000 day 2, no Forge World. TofS is 1500, no forge world, and the Club Challenge is 1750, with only one Forge World unit allowed. Three very different lists and 3 very different tournaments.

Games of War is fun – it was one of the very first tournaments I went to. I enjoy the split point limits, and it’s great that Little Geek can come along too. It’s a real father/son weekend away from Mrs Geek and the Geeklets. The tournaments are reasonably competitive, but without being too “hard core” i.e. there will probably only be one demon player in the tournament (Little Geek), and I'll probably be able to count the number of Wraiths and flyers on my fingers! Also, having been to a few now, I know most of the guys that go regularly, which makes for a fun time.

Throne of Skulls is awesome – I know it’s not really a tournament, its more a gaming weekend, but as gaming weekends go, it’s pretty good (reminds me of the old Woody Allen joke – beautiful woman to Woody “But sex without love is an empty, meaningless experience…!”, Woody to beautiful woman “But, as empty, meaningless experiences go, it’s one of the best!). The sheer size of the event, the stunning armies that show up, and the venue, make it a “must do” for me. There are 3 of us going from the non-club and Little Geek’s now old enough so he’s coming along too.  

Finally, the WPS Club Challenge. I went to it last year, and while not up there with Caledonian, it’s certainly the most competitive of the 3. There is a bunch of us going from the non-club and we’re targeting the 40k Shield….!

Three very different tournaments, and probably 3 very different lists. And they will probably (hopefully!) take my up to the new Tau Codex, and after that “its all about the Tau”!

So, I need to come up with a 1750 list and a 2000 list for Games of War…….hmmm! I’m tempted to take Tau. I’ve been having fun playing them lately and they did pretty well at Cally. However, no Forge World really limits the list I can take. On the other hand, the Drop Pod list I took last time did pretty well!. Finally, I’ve been think a little bit more about the SM Bike list I took to Rapid Fire last Autumn, and I might give that a “run out” again.

I do enjoy the “agony” of list building!


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