Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I have a confession!

I feel a little like I'm confessing to having an affair!

David over on Warhammer Tau put out a call for help. He wanted contributors. Now, Warhammer Tau is a blog ive read regulalry in the past, and its a fantastic resource, so I offered to help, and I'm happy to say tht, despite my ramblings on AA, David agreed!

So expect to see some content over on WT from me from time to time. I'll still be posting here of course, but there might be more Space Marine content here, and a little more Tau content on WT.

However, for completeness I want to finish of my initial thoughts on the Tau codex here as well, so I'll be posting up some of my Warhammer Tau content here, so all my ramblings can be found in one place.

So, next up is a post on Marker Lights and the various ML platforms in the new codex, and then I want to go through my thought process on a couple of lists, to see if I can come up with something that will work in the new 'dex.

Marker Light post soon.


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