Thursday, 2 February 2012

Interview with Battlecult

Hello Sir#67 here,

A few weeks ago I was able to get an interview with Liam from Battlecult. These guys are putting on the Rampage tournaments Bede and I are attending.

Disclaimer: The interview was conducted over the phone with me taking notes so Liam’s words are probably not verbatim.

Greg: I’m not sure how many of our readers will have heard of you guys so we better start with “What is Battlecult?”

Liam: Well Battlecult is an events company specialising in war games tournaments and campaign weekends. We’ve been running since November and are hoping to host around 20 events in 2012.

Greg: That’s quite a commitment, why are you guys doing this?

Liam: Both of us have been around the UK tourney scene for a while and enjoyed all the events we’ve been to. We just decided to give our own events ago.

Greg: Cool, is there any reason why you’ve decided to run with a GT format for Rampage?

Liam: We’re looking to be a little different really. As far as we know we’re the only people using this format. A lot of people say they miss the old GT format, I suppose we’ll see how much.

Greg: What goes into organising an event like this?

Liam: It’s not actually that difficult. During the events all we need to do is babysitting. We use a spreadsheet to keep track of where each player stands. Things can get a bit complex when players end up playing each other twice or playing the people they came with. The only hard bit really is getting all the boards and terrain together.

Greg: I noticed from the Battlecult facebook page that scenery seems to have taken over your house (seriously check out the pictures they're insane). You guys must be sick of building terrain by now?

Liam: Haha definitely. We’ve spent at least two months solid on buildings alone. We want to make sure all our tabletops are fairly consistent. That way things should be fair for everyone. One thing I would like to add is that we’ve gone for function over form. The terrain wont look amazing, it’s not going to be the standard of the stuff you see at Warhammer World but there is a good mix of LoS blocking and area terrain across every table.

Greg: Sounds good. How many judges are you going to have around?

Liam: At the moment it will be 2/3 with associated helpers for other events. In our experience of the UK tourney scene we’ve always found most people have great attitudes during tourneys and can generally sort any difficult situations quite civilly.

Greg: The rumour mill has 6th edition landing this summer, not to mention a few new codices. How are you guys planning to handle that?

Liam: To be honest we’re not too sure. For 6th we’ll see how different it is from 5th, new codices will probably depend on when they are released.

Greg: We’ve talked a lot about rampage in this interview but what other events can we expect from Battlecult?

Liam: All sorts really. We’ve got a few Fantasy and Warmhordes tournaments on during the year, a campaign weekend in May, some Malifaux and Infinity in the mix as well. We’re also running a couple of combo events during the year.

Greg: Combo enents, what are they?

Liam: It’s basically two tournaments for two different game systems across the same weekend. Players can enter one, the other or both.

Greg: Thanks for your time Liam, if any of our readers want more information on any of the Battle Cult events taking place this year.

Liam: No worries, we can be found on the Warhammer Forum, Warseer and Dakka Dakka. All the usual places really. We’re also on facebook and twitter.

All of the Battlecult events are run from the Holiday Inn in Bristol. If you think that’s too far to travel I’d advise you to seriously consider flying down. Bede and I got out flights from Newcastle for £20 each way.

Hope you all enjoyed the interview

Stay classy


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