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Sir#67 at Throne of Skulls Part 1

I’ve been back from Throne of Skulls a few days now so I figured it was time I submitted my own battle reports.

This is the list I took:

Baron Sathonyx


3 Kabalite Trueborn: 3 Blasters
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

3 Kabalite Trueborn: 3 Blasters
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

14 Hellions

3 Wracks
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

5 Kabalite Warriors: Blaster
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

5 Kabalite Warriors: Blaster
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies

5 Kabalite Warriors: Blaster
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies

Ravenger: 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field

Ravenger: 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field

Ravenger: 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field

It’s a pretty standard Venom Spam with some Hellions for a bit of combat potential. The grisly trophies are a personal affection. I’ll go more in depth on the 2000pts version of this list in a later article as a lot of my other lists share common elements with it.

Game 1

Game one was Deathwing. I believe he was the only Dark Angels player in the whole tournament. His list looked a little like this:


Deathwing Command Squad: Apothecary, Cyclone Missile Launcher, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Two Lightning Claws, Company Banner

Deathwing Terminator Squad: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields, Cyclone Missile Launcher

Deathwing Terminator Squad: Powerfists, 1 Chain Fist, Cyclone Missile Launcher

Deathwing Terminator Squad: Powerfists, 1 Chain Fist

3 Ravenwing Bikers: 1 Melta Gun, 1 Flamer

Land Raider Crusader

Mission: Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment.

I placed my objective in the bottom right hand corner of the table in the open about 6 inches from each table edge to deter deep striking right on my objective. My opponent’s was placed centrally within a piece of area terrain in his deployment zone.

I won the roll to go first thanks to the Baron and took it. From his list I figured his army wouldn’t be two mobile outside of Deathwing Assault/deep strike so last turn contesting shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I deployed my fleet in the centre using the hellions and over lapping venoms to generate cover saves in case I was seized upon.

My opponent opted to reserve everything, a wise choice in my opinion though a bit of a gamble. Beliel and the command squad were in the crusader, the bikers were outflanking, terminator squads deep striking.

Turn one I used pain token shenanigans to get feel know pain and furious charge on the Helions then moved them to the centre of the board. The rest of the fleet spread out to cover as much ground as possible for the inevitable deathwing assault. His turn thunder hammer and storm shield unit and the power fist/cyclone squad turned up. Thunder hammers near my objective, the power fist unit near his. Shooting resulted in one ravenger stunned and that was it.

Turn two I reduced the power fist unit to 1 man, shooting killed two from the thunder hammer squad and a charge by the hellions killed another one. I lost two hellions in return and stayed in combat. The crusader arrived and the bikers outflanked in the bored edge away from my objective. I’m not sure what the crusader did but the biker’s melta gun missed. The hellions killed the remaining two terminators and consolidated towards the centre of the board.

I moved the hellions behind two woods in the centre of the board to try and tempt Belial and the command squad out of their land raider. In the shooting phase I was able to stun the land raider and remove its assault cannons. Mass poison took care of the Ravenwing and lone terminator.

Belial and his boys got out of their ride and marched towards my hellions, the other terminator squad arrived and scattered towards the centre of the board. I used the casualties he inflicted on my hellions in the shooting phase to help place them out of Belial’s charge range (he failed his difficult terrain roll).

The last few turns passed quickly. I moved the hellions onto his objective, he moved the land raider over to contest and I was able to blow it up. Belial’s squad marched towards by objective, taking out a trueborn venom on the way. Shooting took care of his last terminator squad, the land raider and Belial’s squad though I did have to place other venoms in their way to slow them down.

The game ended with me in control of both objectives and wiping him out.

A good start to the day.

Game Two

With one win under my belt I was set to face off against Black Templars.

I’m really not sure on the list but it was a little like this:

Emperors Champion: Preferred Enemy vow

5 Sword Brethren Terminators: Assault Cannon, 2 Chain Fists

Crusader Squad: 10 Initiates, 5 Neophites, Plasma Cannon, Power Sword, Flamer

Crusader Squad: 10 Initiates, 5 Neophites, Missile Launcher and other goodies

Land Speeder Typhoon


Predator: Twin Linked Lascannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Machine Spirit

Land Raider Crusader

Mission: Seize Ground (4 objectives), Dawn of War deployment

Objectives were placed pretty much in the centre of each table quarter.

I won first turn and gave it to my opponent. After some discussions on what he could deploy he placed a crusader squad on both of his objectives. The terminators and typhoon would deep strike everything else would move on in the first turn. The Emperors Champion was riding in the Crusader on his lonesome. I deployed nothing with my whole army moving on in the first turn. I gained an extra pain token from combat drugs.

His first turn sees the predator move up on the left flank, the crusader on the right and the vindi in the centre.

My army moved onto the left flank with the aim of obliterating one of the crusader squads and then controlling at least two of the other objectives.

In shooting I killed a few neophytes from the left hand crusader squad and I may have blew the demolisher cannon off the vindicator before destroying it. I honestly can’t remember.

In his 2nd turn both the terminators and typhoon deep struck in. The terminators dropped on the objective in the bottom right hand corner and the typhoon ended up in front of the crusader after a scatter.

What follows is a phenomenal run of good luck. He shot all of his various heavy weapons at my venoms and ravengers and I proceeded to make every single flicker field save bar one which resulted in a stunned ravenger. This is not an exaggeration, I took a turn of shooting and everything came out pretty much intact.

After a shooting phase like that I was feeling pretty good about carrying out my game plan. The Baron and his unit moved up in front of one of the crusader squads. The trueborn and ravengers lined up shots on the terminators/crusader/predator/typoon. In the shooting phase I was able to pop the typhoon, crusader, insta kill the emporers champion and kill a couple of terminators. I killed a few of the crusaders and things got a little weird.

He took a morale check each time he took a casualty and this resulted in my hellions being charged in my turn by the crusader squad. I now realise that this is totally incorrect. I don’t think my opponent was intentionally cheating, it seemed like he hadn’t played some 40k in a while and definitely wasn’t aware of the new FAQ (he claimed his typhoon was Heavy 1, twin linked). If I remember correctly this was how templars operated in 3rd ed.

The rest of the game we traded shots with me coming out on top. I was able to kill all of the terminators and wipe out the crusader squad I had marked for death. The hellions hit and ran behind his lines to take out the predator.

The game ended on turn six with me controlling three objectives to his one.

Game 3

Game three was a very nicely painted Flesh Tearers army. List like this:


2 Sanguinary Priests: Power Weapons

Furioso Librarian: Wings, Might of Heroes

Furioso Dread: Frag Cannon
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad: Lascannon, Flamer? , Sergeant with Power Fist

Tactical Squad: Lascannon, Flamer? , Sergeant with Power Fist

Assault Squad
Land Raider Redeemer

3 Bikers: Meltagun

Mission: Kill points, Spearhead

I won the roll to go first and took it. My opponent deployed the two tactical squads in cover. Both had a Sanguinary Priest attached with the Reclusiarch joining one of the squads. Everything else was in reserve.

He failed to seize and I spread the fleet out to begin shooting. I did have a few problems with line of sight due to terrain and my own vehicles blocking LoS to each other. I was able to remove most of the tactical squad containing a priest and Reclusiarch.

In his turn one the Frag Cannon Furioso deep struck beautifully and its frag cannon destroyed both a warrior and trueborn venom. Both squads ended up pinned!!

Everything didn’t go my opponents way however. He forgot to detach his priest and Reclusiarch from the diminished tactical squad letting my wipe the squad with poison and remove the priest and Reclusiarch with dark light weaponry.

I was able to immobilise and then wreck the Furioso.

His Land Raider and Furioso Libby turned up. The libby used wings to jump onto the bored and assaulted the hellions. I think he killed one or two and I hit and ran towards the remaining tactical squad.

My shooting at the libby didn’t do anything but I was able to immobilise the Land Raider. The hellions were able to kill most of the tactical squad and the sanguinary priest. They remained locked in combat.

The libby then charged the squad of trueborn who had bailed out of their wrecked venom and wiped them out. He used the resulting consolidation move to place the Libby dread’s rear armour against a wall.

I was able to destroy the libby dread the drop pod and wreck the land raider with dark light and poison took out a couple of members of the assault squad standing in the wrecked Land Raider.

In the assault phase the Baron decided it was a good time to take a power fist to the face. My hellions lost combat by 1, failed their leadership and were ran down. It was afterwards I realised that I forgot to add another pain token to the squad for killing the sanguinary priest and were actually fearless!!!

In what was his final turn the bikers turned up, assaulted the other squad of trueborn. Two of the trueborn bit the dust but managed to take a biker with them! The third ran but wouldn’t make it off the board by games end.

In my next shooting phase I was able to kill the remaining tactical marines and two bikers. He decided to call it then with two assault marines remaining.

I think the final score was Dark Eldar: 10KP, Fleash Tearers 5 KP

During the game one of the Warhammer World guys commented on how our armies looked together and took a photo. It’s on the Warhammer World facebook page if anyone is interested.

At the end of day one I was sitting on three comfortable wins and generally pleased with my play so far.

That’s it for now. Day two and List Thoughts to follow soon.

Stay classy


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