Saturday, 25 February 2012

Update from gow!

Day one of the tournament saw the authors of apostates anonymous all have good results. Sir67 is top with 3 wins and 32 kill points, then I am second with three wins but only 29 kill points. Eyig has two wins and a draw, but was incredibly unlucky to not be on three wins as I'm sure he will tell you all about. Kill points were the deciding factor between ties on tournament points.3 points are awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. In the kill points missions, each player gets a secret objective and you are awarded 2 for fully completing them, 1 for semi-completion and 0 for not completing anything towards them

My first game couldn't have been any more difficult, I ended up playing against a razor wolves army and won 9-8on kill points. The player is awesome and I was hard pressed, but I completed my secret objective so I got five tournament points.

The second game saw me play against another grey knights list. We had to fight it out over an objective in the center of the board and this was a very difficult mission to win. The game ended 6-4 on kill points but he only had Draigo left. This took me to eight tournament points.

The last game was capture and control with set placed objectives. I played against an imperial guard army and my second turn saw the most amazing turn of shooting I have ever had. I exploded two leman russ and a chimera and then wrecked another chimera and a hellhound. After that, it was a forgone conclusion but I was able to table him. I like to think that my tactics played a part in how it panned out, but the dice did fall perfectly.

So, my next game will be against sir67 so it will be a tough game! 

I will report back tomorrow night with the final tournament results and full battle reports will follow.


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  1. Second game. One objective in the middle. I took 11 kill points,he took 2. On turn five he had a squad of scouts that might just be in charge range of the kroot squad on the objective. I block with gun drones. He has to roll a 6 to get out of diff terrain, and then another 6 to get into assault through difficult terrain. Two sixes later and we draw combat and he's contesting the objective. But if the game goes on Imy kroot will kick his butt in combat. I roll a 2 and the game ends. Bugger!