Thursday, 23 August 2012

Biker Army

I’ve always fancied a biker army – the idea of zooming around, hitting hard and running away appeals (it’s the Tau player in me!), but I’ve never played one. However, when the Stormtalon came out I thought that this would be a cool combo with a bike army, and when bikes (arguably) got a bit of a boost in 6th, I though – why not?

So an order placed with “Gifts for Geeks” (appropriate don’t you think!), and some furious painting while on holiday for the last 2 weeks and I’m almost there.

The core list is this

Captain on Bike with Artificer Armour, Power Fist and lightening claw.

Command Squad -  2 with Storm Shields and Lightening Claws, 2 with power lances and power axes, and an apothecary.

Bike Squad 1 – 5 bikes and a MM attack bike, 2 bikes with plasma guns and a combi plasma on the sarg.
Bike Squad 2 – same as above
Bike squad 3 – Same as above but swapping melta for the plasma

Stormtalons x2 with Typhoon missile launchers

Should be about 1500pts or so.

At higher points levels I’m thinking about 2 options, first Tau allies, and second, BA allies.

For Tau I’m thinking of bringing a commander and 2 bodyguards in deathrain configuration (TL Missile Pods) with drones and a black sun filter, a squad of 3 elite deathrains with drones and black sun filters, and the obligators fire warrior squad. My thinking is that this will give some pretty effective ranged fire support for the bikes, while giving me a scoring deck chair squad in the fire warriors.

For BA, I’m thinking of dropping the command squad and bringing in a Stormraven full of Death Company with a DC Dreadnaught.




  1. How come the Captain has got two different weapons? I would save the points and take just one.

  2. I've been back and forward on this. The traditional load out for a captain is a Relic Blade, giving him 3 S6 attacks base. You could combine that with at SS if you had the points, and not lose an extra attack becasue you didin't get one with a relic blade. That was pretty good before relic blades becamse AP3. With that change the captain will just bouce off terminators and the like. On the other hand, giving him a power fist "wastes" his high initiative. Then I noticed that you get +1 attack from any 2 specialist weapons. By combining the LC and the PF I get 4 attacks base, and can choose either the LC at AP3 and I5, re-rolling wounds or the PF at I1, AP2 and S8, depending on the opponent (same logic applies to the guys with power lances and power axes). I'm also trying to think through Challenges. Having the option of I5 and AP3, or I1, but AP2 (not to mention FNP, and T5) makes him much more flexible in accepting challenges.

    As I said however, this is theory hammer at the moment. Could be easily persuaded otherwise.