Friday, 24 August 2012

Blood Angles with Tau

I used to run 3 different  BA armies – Razorspam, DofA and tri stormravens.

There seem to be mixed views on whether or not Razorspam BA armies are dead. Most arguments I think focus on Hull Points and how this makes them far more fragile. I think this is probably correct, but to my mind that’s not the biggie. The big issues are being hit on 3+ in combat, and not being able to assault out of vehicles even if they didn't move. I think this kills the army build for BA. Razorbacks may still have a role as backfield support units, where they will be harder to suppress (for example in a SW army), but for BA (who want to get up close and personal), I really don’t’ think they are worth it.

My Tri Raven army flat out doesn’t’ work. Everything would need to stay in reserve which just doesn’t make any sense for the army.

Which leaves DofA. It will need to change. You must plan for most of your army starting on the board. So they need to be resilient. Which brings me to Sanguinary Guard. With Dante to make them troops, priest support, and artificer armour, they are pretty resilient. The big problem would be ranged support, which then brings me to Tau allies. A couple of squads of deathrain suits with shield drones plug that gap.

So the army might look something like this

Sanguinary Guard squad, 2 infernus pistols x3, one of them with a banner.
10 man assault squad with 2 plasma guns and sarg with twin Plasma Pistols

 Priest with jump packs x2
Shas'el Commander + 2 Bodyguards with TL missile pods, 2 shield drones and a black sun filter
3 XV8s with TL Missile Pods, 2 shield drones and BSF
6 Fire warriors

A little short of 1750, but that gives you scope for extras e.g. plasma on the assault squad, chapter banner, infernus pistols on the priests etc.
I actually ran this for the first time last night at our not-a club wargaming night against a foot slogging SW list (long fangs x3, grey hunters x4 with TDA Wolf Guard in each and Rune Priest), and it was OK.... but not great.
The armies mobility was fantastic. While being more expensive than 3 squads of devastators with ML's, the suits were far more mobile and, with Drones, more survivable. The Plasma squad was pretty good - coming in with Dante they pretty much wiped a GH squad on their own, and survived the return fire (Dante taking hits for the squad and within 6 of a priest).
The disappointment was the SG. I seemed to roll far more ones than I should have done (!), and they struggled to chew through the Grey Hunters.
It definitely deserves another outing, but I might try replacing the SG with 4 ASM squads. While not having the 2+ armour save, they have boides in their favour.
Thoughts on the idea in general and the list in particular welcome.

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