Friday, 17 August 2012

Rumours of my death have been much Exaggerated

During the first half of 2012 I attended six 2 day tournaments and a similar number of one day tournaments. I also pretty much painted a new army....!

Real life caught up with me. Mrs Geek objected and Little Geek's 2 younger sisters began to wonder who their daddy was. So I promised no more tournaments until October, and a serious cut back on gaming and painting.

That sounds a bit dramatic. In reality Mrs Geek is pretty long suffering and the Geeklings are well catered for (!), but it was getting a bit out of hand.

So broadly that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I’m also very conscious that I have only played a handful of 6th ed games so anything I would say was likely to be nonsense at worse, theory hammer at best. But things are looking up, I have a “learn 6th ed” gaming day in September and 2 tournaments lined up in October. I also have authority for one more 2 day tourney by the end of the year – looking for suggestions….!

The biggest news is that some friends and I are not setting up a gaming club! Let me explain….!

I usually play at my FLGS. I’m not a huge fan of gaming clubs. Remember my post asking why the hobby attracts idiots – well, many of them seem to go to gaming clubs. My experience of clubs is that, while most people are pretty cool, they also attract idiots – and I just can’t be bothered. The other thing I can’t be bothered with are the politics – the presidents the treasurers, the secretaries, the rules  etc etc. I just can’t face it -  I get enough of that at work and the last thing I want to do is deal with it in my hobby. So I tend to play at my FLGS – preferring multiple casual relationships rather than one committed one if you like!

But my FLGS has stopped evening gaming, so faced with long  trips to play I’ve decided with some buddies to hire a hall on Wednesday nights and totally not start a gaming club. There will be no presidents no secretaries no  treasurers and no rules  just folk getting together to play toy soldiers.

Maybe I’m being na├»ve, but surely as long as we keep the numbers down, we can mange to just get on and game without all the attendant hassles of trying to organise people…..!  Time will tell. First meeting next Wednesday.


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