Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Games o War Bat Reps Part 1

Game one

Against Dark Eldar….oh dear! Can’t remember exactly, but something like a Venom with trueborn, one with Incubi, 2 raiders with warriors, one with witches, a Ravager, and one of the flyers – can’t remember which one. Mission was Big Guns with 5 objectives.

My opponents should have spread out well away from the objectives forcing me to drop near him to kill his stuff, thus taking me off the objectives. With my limited mobility I would have struggled to both alpha strike him, and take objectives. Especially if he played “keep away” and just dakkaed me down at range. He sort of did this, but on the first wave I managed to kill both of the warrior’s raiders, and toast the guys inside (twin linked heavy flamers are utterly devastating to anything that doesn’t have a 3+ armour save). My second wave came in and consolidated my grasp of the objectives.

Highlights of the game – my opponent getting his witches out to assault an Iron Clad with haywire grenades and then dark lancing a nearby drop pod, blowing it up, and killing a bunch of the witches! The rest went down to overwatching heavy flamers. Another one that was particularly pleasing (!) was snap firing a multi melta at his flyer, rolling a 6 and blowing it up!

Win to me.

Game 2

Against, Hesh (who sometimes posts here), my old nemesis. We have played a number of times at these tourney’s and I think the best I’ve ever managed is a draw. Frankly, he usually wins the tounri’s at Games of War, and, if I was going to win, I needed to beat him.

Hesh always runs guard (he used to drive a tank for real in the Gulf, so you can forgive him that!). This time his list was something like, Command Squad, lots of troops, 2 Hydra Flak Turrets, 2 Manticores, 3 Vendettas with guys inside, and Marbo. He also had Grey Knight allies – an Inquisitor and a Strike Squad. Mission was Kill points.

I was worried about the Strike Squad and warp quake. However, I got first turn, so my first wave came in before Hesh could get Warp Quake off.  All the pods came in more or less where I wanted them, and the alpha strike was pretty devastating. On his turn Hesh was unlucky with his Manticores and I managed to weather the storm reasonably well, losing a couple of pods and some bodies. On my turn 2 the rest of my pods came in and landed more or less where I wanted them. More importantly, the Iron Clads had survived and did a number on the Hydra’s and the 2 Manticores. In his turn 2 I think all his reserves came in (maybe only 2 Vendettas perhaps?), but the “highlight” was Marbo turning a full tactical squad into a heap of smoking power armour and genetically engineered offal!

After, I think turn 3, it came down to whether his Vendettas could kill enough pods to claw back the kill points lost from having his gun line wiped out. They couldn’t.

Win to me.

Game 3

Against a Chaos Marine list. Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut, in a small squad of Fiends. Kharn, Maulerfiend, 2 squads of Berserkers in  Rhinos, 10 (I think) bikers, Havocs with Auto Cannons, a Vindicator and a Hell drake. Mission was Dawn of War, The Scouring.

Haven’t played a lot against new Chaos, so this would be interesting.

The objectives were spread out all over the board, but with a weighting on the right. My opponent spread out in his deployment area, with bikes and the Drake in reserve. IMHO, this was a bit of a mistake. He had 4 scary things –Kharn, the Lord, the Mauler Fiend and the Vindicator. By spreading them out it allowed me to deal with one or 2 of them at a time.  So I decided to play the game on the right hand side of the board and alpha strike the Havocs, the Fiend and a squad of Berzerkers. The Dreads hit the Havocs, the Stenguard hit the Berzerkers and the Command Squad hit the Fiend. All of them failed to a greater or lesser extent!

The dreads left 2 Havocs standing, the Sternguard left 3 or 4 Berzerkers to charge them next turn…and everything just bounced off the Fiend! But not to worry, the pods had come down in such a way as to block off the right of the board and the Lord, Kharn and the Vindi would struggle to get to my army.

This was a really close game, which swung from one side to the other, with some crazy dice rolling. On turn 2 my opponent’s bikes came on killing one of my Dreads. In turn I killed the whole squad with one and a half tactical squads. My opponents kept rolling handfuls of ones and 2s. On turn 4 his Hell Drake had to hover to draw a line on some Sternguard. That gave me a chance to fire 2 twin linked Multi Meltas and 2 twin linked melta guns at it – all of which missed!

In the end, the game turned on whether I could kill his Heldrake (which was sitting on an objective – remember it’s fast attack and scores)  with a Multi Melta, which was about 5mm in range. I did. Great game, and another win.

So on to day 2.


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