Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Games of War Tourni

Just back from the Games of War Tournament run by Sir67. Little Geek and I had a blast. I always enjoy these tournaments, they’re challenging, without being too “hard core”, friendly, and usually pull in a variety of armies. It also gives Little Geek and I time for just the 2 of us, away from Mrs Geek and the Geeklets.

So, I did a complete about face and took a Drop Podding Marine army! Why – well largely because I have 7 pods on the shelf that are doing nothing and also for something completely different. I also had a feeling that pods would be better now because of 2 things – first you can deploy 6 inches from the pod, and second, your opponent needs to deploy half his force on the table.

These tournaments are 1750 on day one and 2000 on day 2. My list was very similar both days. I’ll note the changes from the basic 1750 list to the 2000 list.

Lysander, ‘cause he’s a beast and he makes my sternguard twin linked

Vulcan, ‘cause who doesn’t love twin linked meltas and flamers

Command Squad, 2 melta guns, 2 plasma guns, Drop Pod

Iron Clad, with Twin Heavy Flamers, Drop Pod, at 2000pts, these guys got hunter killer missiles, which were a complete waste of points.

Iron Clad, with Twin Heavy Flamers, Drop Pod

7 Sternguard, 2 melta guns, 3 combi plasma guns, Drop Pod, at 2000 pts this became 10 man, and acquired 3 combi meltas.

Tactical Squad, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Drop Pod

Tactical Squad, Multi Melta, Plasma Gun, Combi Plasma, Drop Pod

5 Man Tac Squad with nothing, Drop Pod. At 2000pts this became a full tac squad same as the others.

The general tactics were that Lysander would go with the Sternguard, and Vulcan would go with the Command Squad. I would normally start everything in reserve. Nine times out of 10 (or in fact 4 times out of 5 at this tournament) the Dreads would come down first turn with the Command Squad and the Sternguard and kill stuff, while the tac squads come in later and supported the heavy hitters, while also snatching objectives.

My big worries were dark elder – they are so fast they can just run away from me all game (the longest ranged weapons in my army is 24”), flyers, especially hell drakes with baleflamers (I would just need to duck), and little Geeks Demons (really didn’t have a plan for those TBH, other than to die horribly!).

Anyway, usual format – brief bat reps to come, and then overall analysis.



  1. Hey up..so with everything in reserve and nothing on the table.. don't you just auto lose old boy?
    I'm working on Podding Marines at the minute, or at least an element of them in my army.. but I was under the distinct impression that any time there are no models on the board.. you just flat out lose.
    I know that you don't count forced reserves such as fliers or pods towards the 50% reserved/on table rule...

    What's the crack here? Just curious

  2. Well, per Drop Pod Assault half of your drop pods have to come down first turn, yes?

    That said, yes, if you end up with no models on the tabletop for any reason, you lose the game then and there.

  3. @venerable brother. What regnarok said really. Page 122 under victory conditions. "if at the end of any game turn one player has no models on the battlefield, his opponent automatically wins." So, because the DP assault rules let me bring down 4 of my 7 pods first turn, even though I have nothing on the table at the start, at the end of game turn 1 i have loads on the table. In theory, if I go first, and my opponent kills all my first wave in their turn 1 I would lose - but that's a lot to kill in one turn.


    1. It's the "at the end" of the turn bit I was missing out in my understanding! Thanks for clearing that up! lol

      I donn't think I said it before, congrats on the win - it is brilliant to see marines doing so well again at tournies. Well done sir.

      Typically then I guess you have the flexibility to bring in whatever you want, but having plenty of marine bodies on the board has to be quite attractive for T1 to ensure no tabling yes?

  4. @VB - i've only played this list 6 times - 5 of them at the tourni - so im no expert, however, what I usually do is bring down an alpha strike first - the Sternguard with Lysander, both Clads and the Command Squad with Vulcan. This can deal a lot of damage on the drop with a bit of luck. But it's also pretty survivable. The tac squads usually come down in the second wave.