Friday, 14 December 2012

Games of War Tourni Part 2

Game 4

 Day 2 and I’m up against Space Wolves with Guard allies. Two Rune Priests, 2 Lone Wolves (TDA, Storm Shield and Chain Fist i.e. ideal for ripping my Dreads appart), 3 squads of Grey Hunters and 2 Long Fang packs. Primaris Psyker and a 40 man blob, a Collosus Mortar, and Marbo. All hiding behind an Aegis Defence Line with a Quad Gun. He rolled all sorts of horrible stuff on the Psyk charts. Seize Ground with 5 objectives. 

I got first turn and took it. I wanted to get my alpha strike in before he could cast his psychic powers. He set up behind the Aegis with pretty much everything, bar the 3 packs of Grey Hunters and Marbo who was in reserve. The problem with that of course was that it bunched everything up. The only thing he had in front of the Aegis were the 2 Lone Wolves, trying to push back my pods.

The Alpha Strike worked like a dream. The 'Clads came down and toasted a Long Fang squad, one of the Rune Priests and some of the Blob. The Command Squad came down and killed one Lone Wolf (one plasma gunner died to an over heat), while the Sternguard blew the other one off the board. In response he scratched some paint on a Drop Pod – I had deployed Vulcan in front of the Command Squad, and Lysander in Front of the Sternguard. They “tanked” all the incoming fire on their 2+, 3++.

In my turn 2 the rest of the Pods came in and it was pretty much game over. Highlights were one of the ‘Clads ripping the Mortar apart, me stupidly charging a tac squad into the blob, and then discovering there were a bunch of Power Axes in  there, and one of 2 surviving Sternguard stealing my opponents quad gun and killing Marbo after the rest of their squad were blown apart by Marbo’s demo charge. Revenge was sweet!


Game 5

 Against Little Geek’s Demons. I was dreading this. I have not yet beaten Little Geeks Demons in 6th Ed. His list is horrible (although perhaps not optimised as demon lists go). Fateweaver, Blood Thirster, Demon Prince, 6 Flamers, 2 x 5 Screamers, 2x6 fiends and 2 squads of Plague Bearers.

(If you will forgive a moment of fatherly pride – my 12 year old son was on top table!)

We were playing old Capture and Control. He got first turn and gave it to me, which is exactly what I would have done. Hmmmm….! What to do. But then a brain wave. If I was reasonably lucky with pod placement I could build a “wall of pods” round his objective and hide behind them, giving me more time to dakka down his army. If I brought the Sternguard and the Command Squad down with 2 of the tac squads, that's a load of bolt guns. It would also leave one tac squad to try and snatch my objective, and the ‘Clads to toast something once the demons came in. If the wall is round his objective, and I mange to weather the storm, then not only to I get his objective, but I also get Linebreaker.

It worked like a charm. After a couple of worrying moments with scattering pods, I built the wall. The Demons came down and were about to pounce. However, my ‘Clads came down and put so many wounds on the Flamers that I punched through the re-rollable 5++ and took them down (assisted by a rapid firing tac squad). Then another brain wave – by then I had 7 pods on the table, each of them with a storm bolter. That’s a lot of potential sixes to force grounding test on Fateweaver. So on the 3rd six, Fateweaver hits the deck and takes a wound – then the Sternguard polish him off. With Fateweaver down, suddenly the army’s not nearly so scary.

The rest of the game was pretty close – the Bloodthirster ran riot ripping my dread to bits. The Demon Prince ripped a tac squad apart, before succumbing to Vulcan and his Command Squad. In turn the Fiends massacred Vulcan and friends, and put 2 wounds on Lysander before going down to the Fist of Dorn, and I only made the other objective by the skin of my teeth before the game ended. If it had gone on, the Bloodthirster and or the other Fiend pack would have massacred the tac squad on my objective for a draw, and if he could also have taken out Lysander (likely), Little Geek would have won. But it ended Turn 5.

So in the end I held both objectives and had Kill the Warlord and Line breaker. Little Geek got first blood and Line Breaker.

Close one!

List analysis and thougths to follow.


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