Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cally List

So after all the fuss about podding marines, I’m back to playing Tau…and you know, I’m really looking forward to it! I guess I’m a Tau player at heart!

So, what am I taking? Well with not that long to think about it, I’m taking a very similar list to the one that got stomped at the GT.

If you remember the 2 big issues I had with this list were the Ork allies, and the Firewarriors. The Orks got in the way, and the Firewarriors were too fragile. I was thinking about other allies, and about swapping the Firewarriors for death rains. Well, because of the lack of time to change anything major, I’ve stuck with both, but tweaked it slightly. Here’s the list I submitted.

Shasel, Fusion Gun, Plasma Rifle, Advanced Stabilisation System, Multi Tracker, Target Lock

2 x 12 Fire warriors in a ‘Fish with DPods and Sensor Spines

2x10 Kroot

2 x Tetra, with Targeting Array, Sensor Spines.

2 x Hammer Head, Plasma Cannons, Burst Cannons, Multitracker, Disruption Pod, Black Sun Filter.

3x Broadsides, with Plasma Rifles and Multitrackers, Team leader with HW Target Lock, HW Black Sun Filter, 2 Shield Drones

Aegis with Quad Gun

Big Mek with KFF

30 Shoota Boyz

10 Shoota Boys

So the changes from the GT list are

Quad Gun to give me something that might worry FMC’s and Flyers. The Shasel goes with the Broadsides and mans the quad gun. The Multitracker and the Target Lock means he can shoot the Quad Gun at flyers using Interceptor, and the Broadsides can shoot at something else in my turn. The ASS means that the Broadsides get Slow and Purposeful so can move around and still fire.

I’ve cut down the boys from 2 big squads to one maxed out, and one smaller. Hopefully this will be more manageable.

Finally, I kept the Firewarriors. Partly this was “nostalgia”, I really want Firewarriors to work! However, without them I have no “torrent of fire” in my army, and with marker light support they are pretty good at that.

What I’m hoping is that I can get this to work more successfully with smarter play. I’ve been thinking about my GT games, and I’ve realised I played them very statically. I think I need to play a much more open and mobile game. I suspect what that means is splitting the ‘Fish and the Hammerheads away from the Broadsides to create 2 Fire bases, one more static (the Broadsides), protected by 30 orks, and the other much more mobile (the ‘Fish and the Hammerheads), supported by the Kroot and the smaller mob of orks.

I played a couple of games at the weekend, one against Biker marines, and the other against a Grey Knight army lead by Mordrak, with 2 Dreadknights and a bunch of terminators. In the first games I played a much more “open” game than I would usually play. I didn’t castle up, and spread my army out. It worked really well. Being able to pre measure really allows you to play with ranges much more than before. In the second game I castled up, to avoid getting Mordrak in my teeth too early. In retrospect, what I should have done is let him come in right in front of my broadsides and blown him away in one turn of shooting. This game didn’t go so well – all the old problems of orks getting in the way, and then holding too long in combat before breaking in my turn, allowing my opponent to consolidate and then move and assault in his turn. Having said that, it was a great game. In my turn 7 I had to table him to win. He had an inquisitor, and 5 terminators on the table. I had 1 hammer head my commander, a pack of Kroot and a squad of fire warriors left. I managed to kill everything barr one terminator, who was falling back. However, my opponent had the last turn, rallied his terminator and won with one model on the table!

So, Cally this weekend.

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