Monday, 21 January 2013

Goals for 2013

I wanted to post this up earlier, but time got away from me. I want to try and formulate some goals for the year.

I have 3 main hobby goals for the year. First, finish off my Codex Marines drop pod list. It’s nearly done, but I want to add some space wolf allies. I’m not going to use space wolf models. The primary detachment uses the Forge World MkIII Iron Armour. I’m thinking I might use the Cataphracti Termi armour for the TDA Wolf Guard, and perhaps a different mark of power armour for the Grey Hunters. The primary of the army is painted blue as its primary colour, with silver as secondary, using red and gold as tertiary colours (“home brew chapter, “Knights Errant”, using Templar iconography). I’m thinking of doing the “Space Wolf “ detachment with silver as their primary colour, blue as secondary, and keep the 2 tertiary colours. If anybody objects I can make up some fluffy nonsense about them being veterans from the first company or other such bollocks.

Secondly, the non-club are thinking about running the Istavan III campaign from the Horus Hersey Betrayal Book over a few months towards the end of the year. So I see a Horus Hersey army in my future!

Finally, I want to build the most cheesy, hard core and down right filthy Tau army using the (fingers crossed) new codex. I plan to sell my existing army and start from new, with new models and a new colour scheme.

As for gaming, well here I’m not so sure. Last year I played in a lot of tournaments – lost track, but it was over ten 2 days events and a bunch of one day events (begs the question really of why I’m not better at them, but let’s leave that for now!). I will again try and get to as many tournaments as possible this year (although perhaps not as many as last year). I enjoy the intensity, the competition and (usually) the people. But a focus on list optimisation, tactics and  tournaments leads to a very one dimensional experience of the hobby. This year I think I want try to broaden that out.

So in terms of “goals” for the year I would like to go to at least six 2 day tournaments. I’ve already been to Cally, and Little Geek and I are going to Throne of Skulls in March (first year Little Geek is old enough to go). I’ll go to the WPS Club challenge with the “non–club” in May and I want to go to Rapid Fire in the Autumn. If the GT runs with qualifying heats again I’ll go to one of them. Other than that I ‘ll try and get to one or 2 of the Games of War tourni’s run by Sir#67, and a couple of the Chaos of the Warp tournis run here locally. Might also try and hit a couple more Throne of Skulls events.  I reckon I can persuade Mrs Geek to let me away for one weekend per month (the trick is taking Little Geek with me so it’s a “father son” thing, rather than just me playing toy soldiers!).

But I would like to do other things.

The non club has now run 3 gaming days, each of which has attracted 12 people, they have all been great fun. While we run a swiss paring system, and there is a trophy for the “winner” it’s a long way from a tournament. People are encouraged to bring different armies for each game, and you agree with you opponent each game which rule book mission you want to play. There is no “list submission” and most people don’t even come with a written list. A relaxed “event” where you play people you don’t play very often.

I want to run one of these every other month.

I mentioned the Istavan III campaign. This is only an embryonic idea I’ve been kicking about with a friend… but I got the Horus Heresy Betrayal Book for Christmas, and I love the Space Marine Legion Army List, love the models and the campaign looks interesting. So we’re talking about running the campaign over 4 days (one a month) in the Autumn to give people time to build their army. We’ll run them at the club, and hope to attract around 12 or so people for each day.   It will give everybody a chance to buy new models, create an interesting army, paint something new and build some terrain. And then have 4 interesting days of narrative gaming. As the complete “hobby package” it can’t really be beaten!

So these are my plans for the year.

What are yours


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