Thursday, 24 January 2013

Review and My Plans for 2013

It’s been a good year for us here at Apostates Anonymous.

Bede and I started this blog to document our first foray into the 40k competitive scene, since then we’ve had just over 19,000 page views and written exactly 100 posts. Considering we were hoping to average one post a week I’m really pleased with what we’ve accomplished.

Over the course of the year we both had success individually and as a team and whereas I can’t speak for Bede my level of 40k play has improved considerably.

Part way through the year Embrace Your Inner Geek (EYIB) was brought on board to provide a different view point and cover armies that Bede and Myself knew little about (namely Tau). EYIB has provided excellent content throughout the year and at a rate that far outstrips my own. If you’re reading this article but haven’t read his Tau in 6th series you should. I consider it required reading for any budding Tau general. The dice gods rewarded him with his first best general at Games of War this past December and let’s hope they continue with a new Tau codex this year.

Part way through the year Bede had to put 40k on the back burner to focus on his studies but will hopefully making his triumphant return in March this year.

As for myself the latter half of the year saw me branch out into two other games: Warmachine and Malifaux. I haven’t really written about either game, but I’m still actively playing both systems so expect more content in the future.

With regards to Warmachine I’ve picked up the Legion of Everblight faction. I really liked the models and the fast, glass cannon nature of the play style. I haven’t begun to play Warmachine competitively yet but once I have a better feel for the game I’ll probably start entering local events.

40k wise I’m still playing my Dark Eldar predominantly but they are being pushed out a little bit in favour of the other systems. I think they are still competitive but I’m struggling to find a build I’m really happy with. I feel I’m almost on the cusp of solving it but I don’t have the time to play as much as I’d like to anymore.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new 40k army for a while but nothing really took my fancy. I was looking forward to starting a Night Lords army but I was a little disappointed with the new Chaos codex with regards to everyone’s favourite terror troops (Warp Talons, really!?) so they went out the window. There is light at the end of the tunnel however, after playing them at blog wars I’ve settled upon Nids. They are completely different to both my Dark Eldar and Blood Angels in terms of play style but are still nice and aggressive. Throw in some big monsters and biomancy shenanigans and I’m sold. I’m in the process of building up the army but expect more info on it in the future.

I’ve also began running my own Warhammer 40k tournaments at my local store, Games of War. I’m hoping to run one, 2 day tourney, every quarter with maybe a doubles event or 2 thrown in for good measure. The next tourney will be 2nd-3rd March. Check the Games of War website for details.

That brings us to Malifaux. Out of the three systems I play Malifaux is by far my favourite. Unfortunately there is little to no Malifaux player base in the North East. In fact I believe I know most of the people with models personally. In terms of regular players there’s only myself and a good friend of mine named John who play on a regular basis.

This would be a good time to mention the yearly project. Last year was dedicated to playing competitive 40k as much as possible. There’s not much of a competitive 40k scene in the north east so Bede and I decided to travel around the country to test our mettle against new and highly skilled opponents in as many different locations as possible. On the whole this worked pretty well and we got to meet some great new people along the way. A shout out here should go to the guys from Sons of Sanguinius for helping us on our way. Cheers lads, it was appreciated. The year has however ended so a new project is needed.

After much deliberation I’ve decided that this year will be the year of Malifaux. I’m taking it upon myself (along with my assistant John!) to raise and develop a Malifaux player base here in the north east. I’ve had the opportunity to get in far more games than usual over the last couple of months due to working in Cardiff and therefore being able to spend my evenings at the fabulous Firestorm Games. This has helped fill in some of the gaps in my rules knowledge left over from when John and I were teaching each other the game.

As luck would have it there is a Malifaux event happening in York 3rd Feb that we’ve signed ourselves up for and in a strange coincidence on the same day we decided to dedicate ourselves to getting other people playing this amazing game, a random member of the public, interested in Malifaux asked if people played the game at our club. It’s…almost….like…………fate.  

Since the start of the New Year we’ve gone from only 2 regular Malifaux players to 6. Hopefully that will continue. I’m going to apply for Henchmen status after the event in February and with any luck should be running Malifaux events in the summer.

As you can probably gather from the above, expect a lot more Malifaux related content on this blog. I think I made a mistake not documenting my first forays into Warmachine and I don’t want to make that mistake with Malifaux. I’ll try to put up regular lessons learnt and new strategies I’ve discovered and had inflicted upon me. I’m also planning to do something which for whatever reason has not really happened on Apostates Anonymous and that’s put up pictures of my own models. I think there are a few pictures of my Dark Eldar knocking about but that’s it. I’ve got a lot of my Malifuax painted now so when I start talking about the different models I use, I’ll make sure to add a picture of my own miniature instead of grabbing something suitable from the net.

On behalf of all of us here at Apostates Anonymous thanks for visiting our little corner of the web over the past 12 months and I hope you’ve found our articles useful.

If you have a topic, army list etc that you’d like us to cover drop me a line at and one of us will get back to you.



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