Monday, 18 March 2013

It's all about the Tau - Rumour Review.

OK, so I’ve calmed down. Still excited, but calmer!

So, what do we have rumour wise at the moment? Well, here’s what I’ve read (note I have no inside sources, just what I read on the internet)
Riptide – Jump Monstrous Creature (so guessing S6, T6, W4,  Armour 2+, will probably have an invulnerable save judging by the shield the model has in the picture, maybe a 5++? So something like a Dreadknight, although the stats might be higher, given it’s size in comparison) . Has a primary weapon, and 2 secondary weapons. Comes standard with 2 Railcannons – (i.e. the new S10, AP1 version of the Railgun) and plasma rifles for 165pts. Has some sort of “super charging” rule which allows it to super charge its save (maybe to a 4++), its weapon or its stats. Can be “upgraded” with an Ion Cannon which is something like Heavy 3, S7 AP3, or Large Blast S8 AP2. Suspect that the second stat is the “super charged” version of the weapon (query – might that mean there’s a super charged version of the Railcannon – maybe with the Lance, or beam USP?).

Flyer – Bomber and Fighter. Bomber doesn’t have bombs, but builds up a “plasma charge” that it drops like a bomb (might this be the rumoured plasma charge that has a lingering corrosive effect?). It also has 2 drone fighters that can detach from the bomber to see off other flyers (how cool is that! – finally a use for my Remoras!). The fighter has some sort of Ion Cannon on a turret mount, and will probably have missiles as well.

Broadsides – What’s clear (!) is that it has a “downgraded” Rail Gun – S8 AP1 (now called the Railgun, as opposed to the S10 AP1 version which is now the Railcannon)…however, it has the Skyfire USR, but, while not having Interceptor, can still fire at ground targets at full BS. What’s not clear is whether the S8 AP1 Skyfire is an option – i.e. whether it retains the S10 AP1 when shooting at ground targets. Sadly, most of the rumours suggest it does not. From the leaked WD pictures, it looks like it can also have a seeker missile, and can be loaded out with SMS only. Other rumours I’ve read is that it’s T4 W2 and Armour 2+. You can take plasma rifles or SMS as well as the Railgun, and the SMS is twin linked. Cost 60 pts base and 85pts with the Skyfire upgrade.

Fire warriors. There is an upgrade character, and/or a piece of wargear that can boost their BS to 4, increase the pulse rifle’s range by 6 inches at full range, and, in combination, gives the pulse rifle 2 extra shots… 3 shots at 36” and 4 at 18”! Oh and if your buddies get charged, you can help by overwatching the unit charging them…..!

Some people have speculated that, given there is no 2nd troop choice in the battleforce box, stealth suits may be  troops.

Pathfinders have “experimental” ion weaponry, and don’t need to take a D’fish. Nothing about whether they are still the main platform for marker lights.

One marker light hit increases the BS of anything shooting at the target. The 2nd hit strips all cover….!

There are 2 new special characters, one an ethereal, and one Kroot (there are contradictory rumours on this one)

We’ve heard nothing, or very little, about Kroot, Vespids, XV8s (or indeed XV9s) Devilfish, Piranhas, Skyrays or Hammerheads.

Well…. What do I make of all this…! Firstly, what comes next is all entirely pointless – we don’t have the codex and we can not possible know how it’s all going to fit together. But that wont stop me…!

First up, I think the Riptide looks awesome, and the rules sound fun. What I’m not so sure about is the role it has in the army – is it a super durable long range weapons platform, or is it a “get up in your face” short range disruption unit! If it’s the latter (and it deep strikes – Jump MC, remember), deep striking 3 of them into your opponents lines would be fun!
We really don’t know enough about the Flyer’s stats to come to any sort of view on their effectiveness, however I’m intrigued by their intended role.  The bomber is obviously air to ground. But if the Broadsides have the rumoured S8 AP1 Skyfire weapons, you don’t really need a flyer for anti air. What then is the fighters role? Maybe the bomber is air to ground anti infantry, while the fighter is more of an anti armour gunship?

I’ll be sad if the Broadsides lose their S10 AP1 Railgun…but not that sad if they get the S8 AP1 with Skyfire. That would make the double Helldrake lists sweat! But I’m intrigued by the seeker missile you see on the Broadside in the leaked picture. There are no suit mounted seeker missiles at the moment. Might this mean that Seeker Missiles will be reworked to become more like Stinger Missiles i.e. ground to air missiles. Might that be the reason for the skyfiring broadside rumours (and they still keep the S10 AP1). That would give the Skyray a purpose. And maybe, just maybe, the fighter is a marker light platform for guiding the new seeker missiles to their targets! That would be kinda cool!

The rules for Firewarriors sound border line broken, and I can’t believe they’re correct (or at least perhaps for only one squad). My worry however is that the rumoured rules lend themselves to a very static gunline play style, with lots of fire warriors behind an Aegis for example. Not really the way I want to play them.

Really want to find out more about how marker lights work, and what platforms they come on. Marker lights and their use have been key to playing tau in the past, and I hope that’s retained. The rumours we have are just silly broken – 1 hit to boost BS all round, and one more to strip all cover saves! That can’t be right, unless access to marker lights is very restricted and/or very expensive points wise.

And finally, what about Kroot, Devilfish and Hammer heads – 3 iconic units that we have heard very little about? The only thing I’ve read about Kroot is that there’s a Kroot special (or maybe upgrade) character and that their strength is being reduced to 3, although they get furious charge. All I’ve read about the Hammerhead is that it retains the S10 AP1 Railcannon, and I’ve heard absolutely nothing about the D’fish.

Anybody know anything about Hammerheads and Devilfish?

On and Vespids….anybody know anything about Vespids?



  1. Shameless but some info on Hammerheads in comments here:

    Also know Devilfish are cheaper, DPods are only +1 cover.

    Nothing about Vespids.

  2. Thanks mate, saw the pics earlier. Looks like a significant price drop on the HH, which is good, but the only platform we know about so far that has the Railcannon, which is a bit sad. I read somewhere that the upgrade character for the HH had preferred enemy Imperial Guard - is that right?

    Re the Devilfish, is there any "special" interaction between the D'fish and Firewarriors? Im thinking about some sort of rule that brings back "fish of fury"!

    Thanks for teh pics.