Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Throne of Skulls List Analysis

The list worked really well. In fact I can’t think of anything I would change. It was as balanced as I could make it, within the 1500pt limit used at TofS.

Everything worked well, but the outstanding performers were the Stormtallons and the TFCs. The TFC’s murdered infantry, and to my surprise, were pretty effective against light vehicles. Also, in game 2, they hit 2 Annihilation Barges with tremor rounds and he immobilised them both!

The Stormtallons were a revelation! Skies of Blood has really buffed them. For 125pts with Skyhammer missiles they’re great value. They eat light armour (games 3 and 4), and murder infantry (games 1 and 5). With their turret mounted assault cannons they can get behind high armour value vehicles and shoot rear armour (game 2 against the Annihilating Barges), and are reasonably good against flyers (Game 5). The “new” strafing run rule makes them BS5 against anything other than a skimmer or flyer, even when flying, and giving them “Hover” make them much more flexible. Love them!

The bikes are trickier to get right. You can’t charge a gun line, or anything scary in assault. You need to play them carefully, pick your targets and concentrate your forces, hit hard and then fade away. Loads of fun.

My only bad match up was the Necron Flyer Spam, but I’m struggling to think of anything I could have done about that. I think it’s a simple fact that, at this stage in  6th edition, flyers have caused a fundamental imbalance in the game. I suspect that will change as the new codexes come out (“cough”… Tau… “cough”), but at the moment, unless you’re prepared to admit you can’t beat them and join them by taking a bunch of Vendettas or Night Scythes, you will struggle against flyer heavy armies.

So my next tourni is at the end of May at 1750pts. I’m torn – I’m enjoying playing the bike army, and have some interesting thoughts on how to bulk it up to 1750 (Ravenwing!)… but Tau are out in 2 weeks….!


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