Monday, 12 March 2012

Sir#67 at Games of War Day 2

Games of War Day 2:
I turned up at Games of War early Sunday morning. I must admit I was feeling the effects of the previous night’s festivities.

Game 1: I was playing Bede’s Grey Knights.

His army list can be found here:

This game was pretty intense. I can’t remember the turn by turn moves but Bede took some photos so he might be able to give a better account.

The mission was kill points (I had destroy 50% of enemy armour for my secret mission, Bede had kill the enemy’s commander)

Deployment was spearhead.

I won the roll off and after spending a fair bit of time weighing up all the options chose to give Bede first turn.

He deployed in his corner and I chose to reserve everything.

The rest of the game is a bit of a blur. Whenever Bede and I play each other it’s always pretty intense. The slightest miss step and it could easily cost any one of us the game.

The only thing I can remember is one unit of Reaver Jet bikes going on a bit of a rampage and accounting for a rhino and 3 units of acolytes all on their own. The baron, homunculus and hellions also didn’t turn up until turn 5 effectively denying Bede an opportunity to get his secret objective.

At the end of turn 5 we thought it would be fitting to ask the other author of Apostates Anonymous in attendance to roll to see if the game ends. If it ended I would win by one kill point. If the game went on chances are Bede would pull ahead and I wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Dave rolled and the game continued! Thanks Dave!!!!!

The game went all the way until turn 7. In the end Bede won the game by 3 kill points. Unfortunately he didn’t get his secret objective and I did so after 4 hours of gaming (we played through the lunch break) nothing had changed! We were equal on game points and kill points.

Game 5:

Game 5 and I was playing Dave (EBYIG).

Dave’s army list was built around his excellent “Tau from the Ground Up” series
This would be the first time Dave and I had played each other and I must admit his army had me worried. 9 Broadsides shooting at 6 different targets auto penning most of my vehicles with +2 to the damage table was not something I was looking forward too.

The mission was king of the hill with a little twist. Once all of your units are deployed roll a dice for each one. On the roll of a one the unit goes into reserve, on a six the unit gets a free scout move.

I think it’s fair to say both Dave and I were not looking forward to dice messing with our respective game plans. Thankfully we rolled dawn of war for deployment so were able to circumnavigate the strange scenario.

The wining conditions for this game were a little harsh on Dave. Having to hold one central objective benefited my army a lot more than his. He had to advance if he wanted to win the game and I knew exactly where he was going to go.

The game pretty much went like this: I moved on, Dave moved on. I placed the baron and his hellions on the central objective in terrain and after that we were just going through the motions.

If Dave shot at the hellions I’d go to ground for a 2+ cover save with “feel no pain”. If he tried to advance on the objective whatever moved would have to face two turns of my shooting in the open and then the remnants would have to beat the hellions in combat.

Once I had the hellions in position we both started trying to up our kill point counts. The Reavers were again outstanding. One unit accounted for a unit of kroot, crisis suits and broadsides all by themselves.

Another win gave me an overall record of 4-1.

This combined with my kill point total was enough for me to get 1st place!
Thanks for reading. I’ll get back to writing proper articles soon I promise!


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  1. Mate - you got your revenge for rolling a turn 6 in your game against Bede when we played!