Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tournament Round-up

Well! Over the past two weeks I've played 8 games of 40k and have come out with five wins and three losses.

The last day of the Games of War tournament started well with a victory over Sir67 in dawn of war/ kill points but because of tournament scoring we came out even on points. I then proceeded to lose the next game which was king of the hill, pitched battle against competitive guard. So although I went 4-0-1, I ended up fourth.

Last weekend, I travelled down to Stafford with Sir67 to play in Throne of Blades, a tournament organised by Mercer of the Imperious Dominatus blog.

I started off well, beating a Draigowing list ran by an awesome player, but then I crumbled. I played against another acolyte based list in game two and was subjected to the worst defeat I have ever suffered. By turn two, I had one razorback left and it was weapon destroyed. His list had two ravens and one landraider, not something I would personally consider optimised but it sure worked for him.
The last game was against necrons and was a close game that was changed because I didn't know my opponents rules. Never the less, it was a fun game and an awesome weekend that I would undoubtedly attend again! I would have to fight to regain some honour after being beaten so convincingly at the last one!

I have pictures of most of Games of War but I didn't take any at Throne of Blades, Sorry!

Up next, a battle report against Razorwolves!

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