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Sir#67 at Games of War

Hello Sir#67 here again, with yet more battle reports. This time from the Games of War tourney.

Before I get into the reports a bit of background:
Games of War is an independent games store located in Seaham, North East England. They have a massive gaming area and plenty of terrain and run tournaments roughly every quarter.

Points were 1750 first day, 2250 second. This tourney started out as a bit of fun but the armies have been getting more and more competitive over the past 12 months. With all the authors of Apostates Anonymous in attendance this was looking to be a good weekend. Bede is also defending champion so no pressure there!

My army was an extension of my Throne of Skulls list.



3 Trueborn: 3 Blasters
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

3 Trueborn: 3 Blasters
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

3 Trueborn: 3 Blasters
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

20 Hellions

5 Warriors: Blaster
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies

5 Warriors: Blaster
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies

5 Warriors: Blaster
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies

3 Wracks
Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons, Grisly Trophies

Ravenger: 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field

Ravenger: 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field

Ravenger: 3 Dark Lances, Flicker Field

Game One: After a random draw I was facing Imperial Guard.

List looked like:

Company Command: Medic, Officer of the fleet, 3 plasma guns

Platoon Command: Medic, 3 flamers

3 Infantry squads: Grenade Launchers

Heavy Weapons squad: 3 Lascannons

10 Veterans: 3 Meltaguns

10 Veterans: 3 Meltaguns

Devil Dog



2 Leman Russ

Deployment was dawn of war.

In the kill point missions at Games of War you also have an additional secret objective drawn at random from a pack.

My secret objective was destroy 50% of enemy armour/monstrous creatures. Not too shabby. My opponent drew time team. This involved reaching an artefact in the centre of the table and getting it back to your board edge. The catch is units with the artefact can only move a maximum of 6” a turn. I can’t remember if you can run with the artefact.

My opponent won first turn and took it.

He deployed a 30man blob squad, the company command, platoon command and an empty chimera.

I deployed nothing.

My opponent moved the rest of his army on. The Basilisks and Leman Russ’s arrived on the left flank, the rest of his army moved to centre with a unit of melta vets and the devil dog on the right flank.

In my turn everything moved on in the centre of the table, two ravengers to the left
of the group to duke it out with the russes, the other one on the right of the group to focus on the devil dog. I did not want that thing anywhere near my hellions.

Night Fight severely limited my shooting but I was able to kill all of the platoon command squad and stun a chimera.

In his turn the devil dog and chimera on the right flank advanced but nothing else moved. Shooting resulted in the right hand ravenger stunned but flicker fields and scatters prevented any further damage to my army.

I started my second turn by jumping the hellions forward to charge the blob squad and sending the units of trueborn after the chimeras and devil dog. All venoms were positioned to line up shots on the Lascannon team and company command.

The two ravengers were able to take care of both leman russes. One due to squadron rules the other was a standard wreaked result. The venoms took care of the Lascannon team and killed a few members of the company command but the combination of cover and a medic prevented most of my shots from doing anything. The trueborn were able to immobilise and stun the devil dog.

In combat the hellions were able to dispatch 16 guardsmen and thanks to feel no pain took no casualties in return! The guardsmen ran and were caught. A decent consolidation roll got the majority of the hellions back into cover.

The following turn the hellions taking casualties due to a chimera’s heavy flamer and shooting from a squad of melta vets. I lost a trueborn venom to the other squad of melta vets and the survivors were charged by the squad. Two trueborn ended up biting the dust but were able to kill two guardsmen in return resulting in a drawn combat!!!!

In my turn I positioned the hellions for a multi charge on a unit of vets and their chimera, and got the wracks out to deal with the vets stuck in combat with the trueborn. The ravengers manoeuvred to get side shots on the basilisks and the warriors moved up to get their blasters in range of the other chimera and devil dog.

I was able to destroy the devil dog in the shooting phase but I wasn’t able to do anything to the remainder of his vehicles. This would be a theme for the tournament. The hellions however went on a rampage and took out both the chimera and the squad of melta vets. The wracks were also able to kill their squad but the lone trueborn bit the dust.

I pretty much had the game now and the remaining turns were just mopping up. The venoms took care of the company command and the warriors/trueborn were able to kill the last chimera. The ravengers couldn’t do anything to the Basilisks; I had to rely on the hellions taking them out in combat. The game ended with me finishing off the remainder of his army by turn 5.

All in all a good start.

Game 2: Battle Wagon Orks


Big Mek: KFF

6 Nobs: Painboy, Big Choppas, 1 Claw
Battlewagon: Death roller

20 Boyz: Eavy Nob, Power Claw, Boss Pole
Battlewagon: Death roller

20 Boyz: Nob, Power Claw, Boss Pole
Battlewagon: Death roller

19 Boyz: Nob, Power Claw, Boss Pole
Battlewagon: Death roller

Mission: One objective in the centre of the table. Deployment: Spearhead

I won the roll off and decided to let my opponent go first. After looking at his list I saw that he had minimal shooting and all of the strength came from the death rollers. In his first turn he has to charge forward, this would put him within range of all of my shooting.

He deployed three battle wagons full of boys in the centre with Ghaz behind a large terrain feature close to his board edge.

I deployed the hellions and haemonculus behind a ruin on the edge of my deployment zone. Ready for a first turn charge if he did move forward aggressively. The rest of my army deployed quite far back with the venoms ready to move up and deliver blasters to the front three battle wagons.

His first turn the three lead battle wagons storm forward as expected. Ghaz decides to take the scenic route around the terrain feature.

A start my turn by using pain token shenanigans to get my hellions feel no pain and furious charge. The baron joins the unit and they leap forward to engage the battle wagons. The rest of the army moves so most of my guns are in range.

Shooting doesn’t do that much thanks to the kff. I am able to destroy one battle wagon and the venoms reduce the squad inside to 6 men. They fail morale and begin their run off the board.

A good fleet roll from the hellions lets them multi-charge two of the battle wagons. Unfortunately after two-three penetrating hits on both, I’m unable to do anything of any merit.

Next turn the hellions get tank shocked by both battle wagons they’re in combat with. The squads inside then jump out and get ready to lay into the survivors. The hellions passed both morale checks but lost a few guys to the death rollers.

A combination of shooting and combat finishes off the hellions. The baron fails morale and runs off the board.

Two squads of boyz are out in the open now so I lined up my venoms to shoot at the squad without eavy armour. The ravengers move round to get side/rear shots at the two battle wagons that ran over the hellions.

Shooting results in both the big mek’s and Ghaz’s wagons immobilised. The venoms managed to evaporate the squad of normal boyz.

In his turn Ghaz gets out of his wagon and prepares to charge a ravenger. One of my venoms is tank shocked by the remaining mobile wagon but I make my skimmer dodge roll. Ghaz’s squad charges one of my ravengers but the flicker field prevents any damage being caused.

I move the ravenger away at the start of my turn. Everything else move to shoot at the battle wagons or the eavy armoured boyz squad. I’m able to destroy Ghaz’s and the mek’s wagon. An opportunistic blaster shot finishes the mek off before he can join a squad and the venoms take care of the eavy armoured boyz.

His final wagon rams another venom and immobilises it. Ghaz and his nobs start a long walk to the objective.

In my turn I’m able to destroy the final wagon and kill most of Ghaz’s squad.

The rest of the game consisted of him moving Ghaz towards the objective and me shooting him. By the end of turn 5 I had two units on the objective and I’d managed to clear the table of Orks giving me a solid win.

Game 3: Blood Angels



Libby: Shield, Sword, Jump Pack

3 Priests: 2 Jump Packs

Furioso: Blood Talons

5 Assault Termies: 2 with Hammer and Storm Shield

10 Assault Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist

10 Assault Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Power Fist

Predator: Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons

Predator: Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons

Stormraven: Twin linked multi melta, twin linked plasma cannon

Mission: Seize Ground, 3 objectives Deployment: Dawn of War (again!!!)

I’m sorry but I can’t really remember much of this game. He went first I believe and moved the stormraven onto the left flank with a squad of assault marines next to it. The two predators moved on centrally, and the other assault squad, libby and priest moved in the right flank. The termies, reclusiarch and remaining priest were in the raven with the furioso.

I moved all my army on centrally with the trueborn and ravengers on the edges of my fleet. Night fight stopped my shooting from doing anything.

In his turn the raven advanced along with both assault squads. The shooting phase left me with one ravenger down but flicker fields stopped most of the damage I should have faced this turn.

I wasn’t able to do much in my turn. I believe I knocked the multi melta off the storm raven and the hellions charged one assault squad. They managed to kill the priest and a few members of the squad but remained in combat.

In his turn I lost another ravenger but that was it. The hellions killed a few more members of one assault squad in combat and hit and ran towards the libby’s squad.
In my turn I was able to destroy the stormraven and furioso. I poured the remainder of my shooting into the libby’s squad reducing it to a few men. In combat the hellions were able to kill a sanguinary priest and all but the sergeant from the squad. The libby and serge kill a few hellions in return and they stay locked in combat.

Next turn the termie squad took a venom out and my third ravenger bit the dust. The hellions finished off the libby and his squad in combat and consolidated towards the preds.

I moved the hellions up to charge one predator and the rest of my army got ready to shoot the termies. The hellions took out one predator and lost 6 guys in the resulting explosion!

In his final turn the termies took another venom down and that was it.
I split the baron off from the hellions. He went for the remaining pred and the hellions went to grab an objective. Shooting resulted in everyone but the reclusiarch biting the dust and be baron was able to take out the last predator.
The game ended with me in control of all three objectives and the reclusiarch being the only angel left on the board.

After three wins I was sitting in first place by kill points only and by our feverish working out would be playing Bede and his acolytes at the start of day 2.

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