Thursday, 26 January 2012

Caledonian Summary

So a summary and thoughts about the tourney as a whole, my list and its performance.
First of all I had a blast. I enjoyed all my game and all my opponents were great. The one thing that I’m uncertain about is the “soft scoring” i.e. the points for getting your list in, for painting and for “sportsmanship”. There is a debate about this on the warhammer forum

To be honest not sure how I feel about it. The one thing I would say is that it was all very clear before the tournament. If you didn’t like it, then you didn’t have to go. Would welcome people’s thoughts on this in the comments – what do you think – should how well your army is painted and how much your opponents enjoyed playing you, matter in a tournament?
The one thing I did find a challenge were the missions. I have never played the primary, secondary, tertiary mission type games before. Frankly they were fun. They add a level of complexity which is often lacking in the standard missions. On the whole I think they were good, and I enjoyed them.
HOWEVER, I really should have thought things through when designing my list, or indeed deciding on the army I was going to take. The big problem I had was lack of Troops.
The biggest weakness in the Tau Codex are the lack of good scoring troops. Kroot are great at what they do. They stop stuff getting to your suits. But the whole point of Kroot is that they die for the greater good. They seldom last to the end of the game. In most of the scenarios you needed multiple scoring units. My army just didn’t have enough. But the problem is – if I took enough robust scorning units (say 3 or 4 units of Fire Warriors in Fish) I wouldn’t have the fire power to kill anything.
Much as it pains me to say this, the Tau Codex is pretty limited!
One of my big hopes for the new Codex is improved Fire Warriors.
So this weekend it’s Throne of Skulls.
More Bat Reports next week!

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