Monday, 23 January 2012

It's a Question of Style

This has come from a conversation between Bede and Myself last weekend.

You see, the thing is Bede has just got himself a shiny new Stormraven for his Grey Knights. Now with a Blood Angels army sitting at home I've got the option for a Stormraven myself, but I'd never use one and I've no idea why.

There's something about a large, expensive (in points) vehicle that immediaty makes me cringe. It's not just the Stormraven. In over a decade of gaming I've never owned a single Landraider or Terminator. I only used a special character for the first time last year. It was commander Dante in my DoA Blood Angels.

I know all the intellectual arguments for terminators/ravens/raiders. I've seen dual raider/raven lists do very well. I just can't bring myself to take the plunge and give them a go.

This had me wondering: what hang ups do other gamers have?

For example: I have a friend that doesn't like leaving home without Draigo, and can't conceive of an army without him. I know another player who's Imperial Guard army always has Marbo waiting in the wings, ready to blow himself up.

This kind of thinking obviously limits your list building style. As you can probably tell from the above I dislike rock lists. No matter what army/list I'm using it's pretty much guaranteed that I won't have too many points in one place.

Others may call this good list design, I call it narrow minded. Until you've given all the options at your disposal how can you be sure your list is good/right for you?

Eventually I'll ask to borrow Bede's raven or proxy some terminators and see what happens. You never know I might have an epiphany of sorts that changes my whole outlook on gaming.

Until then, I'll stick with what I know and try to find a reason for this strange aversion.

Stay classy


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