Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tournament Calender 2012

Hello! Sir#67 here again with another quick post from a random location (this time it's a sewage works just outside of Newcastle).

Both Bede and myself are looking to get into the tourney scene this year and after a few quick checks on the Warhammer Forum, Warseer, and Dakka Dakka (shudders), we've entered the following:

28th-29th Jan, Throne of Skulls, Warhammer World (Sir#67 only)

25th-26th Feb, Games of War Spring Tourney, Seaham

3rd March, Throne of Blades, Stafford

28th-29th April, Rampage Heat 1, Bristol.

We'll both add to this list as the year progresses and naturally we aim to give you battle reports, other generic coverage.

Also we need to say a quick thanks to Venerable Brother from the Sons of Sanguinious blog for his excellent advice on the UK tourney scene.




  1. You're more than welcome at Blog Wars 3 in June too. Details are on my blog at fromthefang.blogspot.com

  2. Bede - We played 2 tournies ago at Games of war (I played my Tau). Stumbled across your blog. Great effort! Look forward to seeing you in Feb. at the next one. I'm also going to the Jan Throne of Skulls. I'll be following developments here.

  3. Hey Geek! awesome to hear that we can be easily found.
    Greg is going to TOS but I won't be there. My first tourney of the year is the next GOW one, which I will be bringing my grey knights to.

    If you have any articles you'd like to write, then just let me know and I will make you an author for this blog. I'm sure the world would be served by your advice on tau!