Friday, 6 January 2012

The Devil in the Detail ...... How to Transport Dark Eldar Vehicles

Sir#67 here again with what I hope will be a regular feature on Apostaes Anonymous: The Devil in the Detail.

This article series will focus on those essential but often overlooked aspects of our hobby.

The first installment of which will focus on how to get those beautiful Dark Eldar skimmers from your painting station to your local game store.

I'm going to use a standard GW tray as the example in this article though the same steps should yeild similar results on any KR or Battlefoam tray.


To fit a raider/ravenger into your case you need to disassenble it into the following components:

Main Hull

Sail Assembly


Prow Weapon Mount

Sponson Weapons (Ravenger only)

Once the vehicle is broken down into these component parts fitting them all into a case is actually quite simple.
All you need to do is cut out the dividers between four adjecent compartments to create one long compartment as shown below

Once the tray have been cut the Main Hull fits into this slot, the sail assembly stands up vertically in one compartment, the sponsons and hull mounted weapons take up a slot each. The sail lies flat on top of the tray
The photos below show a ravenger and a few raiders packed in their trays.

Reaver Jetbikes

Reaver Jetbikes will fit into two compartments joined together. Cut the foam as shown below


The venom is also quite easy to fit into a tray. The foam needs to be cut into a rough T shape as shown in this photo

I've found that four ven0ms and six reaver jetbikes fit very nicely into one tray:

Now the astute among you will realise that all of these options require you to store the model without its flying stand. In the case of Reaver Jetbikes they fit next to the jetbike in the same compartment. The larger flying stand fits between the trays and the case wall. The stand needs to be positioned so that the stalk fits in between the gap between two trays.

There is one drawback of this method of storage however: It takes a good two years to get your army on the table. This is not too big a deal if you have a display board and your at a tourney but it is a bit inconvinient if your board hopping in an FLGS.

This problem can be mitigated by magnitising the various parts of the vehicles but I'll save that for another article.

If you have your own suggestions/tips feel free to comment below or send me an email.



  1. Great tips! I bought the custom cut KR case for my raiders and Ravagers but they aren't perfect. This is a good alternative.

  2. Great tips, I do the same for my Eldar Vypers and War Walkers.